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  2. You might be able to do it via Brooms letters. I don't even know what system letter you mean. One way to do it, is to append a frame onto the end of the Policy Amendment chain. The frame having a "Yes / No" field, from that trigger you can then use "INIT-LETTER" https://www.opengi.co.uk/support/onlineguides/#Subsystems/CoreSchemeToolkit/Creating_A_Diary_Entry_Using_WRITE-DIARY.htm Frames and keywords for Motor Writer is here.
  3. Hi Diarmuid The Escrow is owned by Open GI - the User Group have exclusive access / beneficiaries should an event occur. If you need a copy of the current document, you will probably need to go via your Account Manager. Meanwhile, I'll ask the User Group Committee to raise with OGI at the next meeting to confirm correct approach and contact points if Members require open access to the document - it shouldn't be a secret
  4. Hi The auditors are in a the moment. I've shown them our membership of the User Group. But now they have asked for details of the Escrow agreement between the User Group and OpenGI. Anyone got an idea of where I could find this? Thanks Diarmuid Quirke
  5. Hi Mark Pretty sure Motor can be produced from APM - but Home needs a record in Core back office. It's the crazy world of OGI quirks I'm afraid - a result of some poor decision making a long while ago If I'm off the mark, or there are some alternatives, I'm sure someone will post up some options M
  6. Hi Mark, It was for Motor or Home Insurance. No it wasnt creating our own, this was producing the system derived documentation.
  7. Which line of business Mark? MotorWriter works differently to Home/Truck/Bike You can always create your own of course - for any LOB - but not sure if that's what you are asking?
  8. I’ve been asked this myself recently and don’t believe so (although Motorwriter is not my area of expertise on OGI).
  9. Hi, Is it possible to produce a Proposal Form or SoF in prospect without having to create a record in Core? Mark.
  10. Thanks for your response I thought that may be the answer, makes it hard when generating a Bordereaux from the system. Why have a figure that you cant access!!
  11. Hi Mark i don’t think there is one (I derive it by orig.debt - IPT.Amout)
  12. Hi, Can anyone help please, when generating a Bordereaux out of ic+ how can i get the Gross Premium exc IPT. this shows as the Gross Taxable figure on the Ledger, but there are no keywords to produce that number. Mark.
  13. Thanks @John Tasker Bet that took some narrowing down So - is that to do with the rendering process in OPM do you think - re order / time taken to render? Either way - good spot - and you may want to pass to OGI for a few $$££€€ (Hope you are well!)
  14. I have solved this myself so I'll update this forum in case anybody else has the same issue and is looking for a fix. On our print server, selected printer properties for the printer in question. Advanced > Un-ticked the "print spooled documents first" and changed the spool settings to "start printing after last page is spooled".
  15. I doubt it - and I doubt anyone ever will - until someone comes a-hunting - or an-auditing
  16. Hi @Val interesting question The bottom line is that in the OGI accounts system it is 99% impossible to have an incorrect entry - unless the system crashes in the middle of and accounts process - or there is a genuine system fault introduced (rare). Even then - it resets itself at Month End - with a Ledger Discrepancy. So. Unless youi have had a Month End discrepancy somewhere in the process the "correct" changes have been made to the journals / ledgers - although the result means an incorrect balance on the client in question. Just go and use that entry to offset against your clients record The real reason why this is sometimes difficult to fix however, is that on OGI, you can delete transactions - and not leave an on screen trace that they were ever there. So. The balancing adjustment may have been against a transaction that is no longer on screen / on the ledger. This is why Batch Calcs may not work in this case - because it wont be there - let alone I suspect you wont have that software and as above, can be tricky to code up. If you are not happy with just writing this off to fees (by creating a charge / negative charge) to balance the client account (which is what I would do), then you only have one other option - you need to find the original items - which will be a pain. Either Check the setting in Premium Finance which uses a "dummy" client account for offsetting errors Check the settings file and have a look at those records first If no joy, go through every cashbook since raising the original transaction and find ALL entries relating to the original record and / or dummy record It will be there - you just have to find it If you have and can use InfoCentre - that makes life easier - otherwise its a manual traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl. Overall a bit disappointed - but not surprised - that OGI wont help. It's their Finance software after all - and they know how it would write off balances - and where / which ledger account it goes to and how to quickly fix - if they could be bothered. Poor show really .... Anyway - Good luck and hope this helps M
  17. Thanks Pete. The guys go into OPM where there is an ODC print queue for each day of the month. They select the date in question, then right click on the branch, Print and then Print. The default printer has already been set in the Open printer Selector so nothing to change or set in there. They do each branch in turn. Attached refers.
  18. IPIDs are created along with our policy documents and they are appearing in the ODC print queue correctly alongside the policy documents to which they refer. However when we print out a batch of documents (say an entire days renewals), the IPIDs print out in the wrong order / out of sequence. EG A motor policy may have home IPID document printed in the middle of the letters, renewal schedules for that client or a home policy may have a motor IPID printed within it. This then means that we need to go through all the documents (there could be 000's) and manually slot the right IPID into the right policy type. Surely if an IPID is created alongside a renewal, it should print it correctly as a single set of documents. We have tried changing our printer spool settings but it hasn't helped. I cant work out if this is an ODC Issue, an OPM issue, a printer driver issue or a process issue. Any ideas ? Has anybody else experienced this ?
  19. Is everyone confident that they have purged the old data, which they should not be retaining? For example, a policy that can only have a claim against it two years after it was taken out versus one where a child might be injured and claim 15+ years later.
  20. It is possible to write a Batch calc that can do pretty much anything to any keyword, for example, we moved a book to another agent by running through all policies and where it matched the old Exec it put in the new one. As such, one could write a calc to find a very specific entry by PolRef in the ledger with a specific transaction type and alter the figure in a particular keyword. Make sure you are very comfortable with Batch Calcs because if you don't have this calc spot on, you can end up changing all transactions of that type to that figure, for example.
  21. Use InfoCentre Select * From ic_brcledger Order By B@, Dt_Settled Select * From ic_brcashhist
  22. Hi Gavin - good to see you on the Forum Without knowing what software OGI have suggested I probably can’t answer your question fully - so apologies for a bounce back on this - but it's important ... 1 - Ask OGI what software they are suggesting / name of 2 - Ask if it will produce every cashbook for the last year in one go, without doing each one individually (I'm interpreting that that is one of the main issues / pains you have) 3 - Ask them to show you the format / example output you will get - and whether you will have to do any work on that output file to get what your accountant needs All too easy for suppliers in general, to offer solutions without fully understanding the actual pain, the real requirement and, the best alternative options for comparison - so you need to be fully informed. I’m sure I’m closer to what you need (from your brief post) than your supplier in full conversation -#maybe Come back and let us know once they provide the info and we can go from there. If they have the right solution for what you need out of the box, I think every OGI Broker will want it ... PM / Mail me if you prefer - happy to assist / advise further
  23. Good afternoon folks. Accountant has asked if there is away to pull out accounting cashbook for full business year, rather than printing out archived cashbooks for the whole year, and adding them up. OGI have given me a quote for the software, but I don't know whether this is the solution. Has anyone got the software? I'm clueless with database enquiry as well despite using system since 1993!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. I have an call open with Opengi but anyone having the same issue? We run an report called Renewal Report to pick up the EDI's Renewal Notices from insurers for rebroking This produces 2/3 documents the Renewal Notice, NCD Renewal Invite and IPID - my issue is the Notice/NCD go to the print queue that the agent types in at the start of the report SPQprintqueue: but the Ipid goes to the users default queue, anyone know how I can change the path of IPID so it goes to same queue as the other documents?
  25. Thank you very much for your response Kate. Apologies for my delayed thanks, but I have just returned to the office after 6 weeks off. Once I catch up with everything I will have a proper look at your response and come back to you if I need to. Thanks once again.
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