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  2. I don’t believe so as very specific criteria has to be set each time a purge is ran (at least in Live). Purging also has separate stages e.g. you have to purge ledger & diary before an actual policy/client record can be removed. For all I know there may be an overnight command for Prospect to purge quotes/prospects ‘marked for deletion’, however we review these first as anyone can press Esc K (and maybe doing so for the wrong reasons). Bottom Line, I feel nervous purging when doing manually, I would not like the idea of records disappearing from the system each night etc. Sorry, I’ve not been much help!
  3. Hi I know there is a module in OGI for record purging is there any way that this can be automated does anyone know?. I am keen to have any information about this. Regards Mar
  4. Please find attached the Membership benefits for 2020 OGIUG Discounts 2020.pdf
  5. Thank you Mark for the info I have logged it with OGI and they are looking at it.
  6. Hi Mar - and welcome to the Forum! I think the issue is that the error message will be best investigated by OGI. I've never seen that one - but maybe some other live users may be able to assist. Other than checking the document filename / length of filename for the template and / or the trigger document - it would be best to log with OGI Sorry I cant help - but sometimes its just a program error! - Oh - do check you are on the latest Vs of OpenSuite products - and especially ALL client software (each PC) is also upto date - that often causes random issues like this (and OGI will say to check / upgrade as a first step anyway) Let us know the outcome!
  7. Hi we are setting up ODC printing - the file reaches the server queue in OPM and file is shown there however the export part is not working . The document in OPM displays a X and the following into a ( "is an invalid expanded name , has anyone come across anything like this before and know what the issue might be. Thanks
  8. Public Service Announcement As an independent Consultant, I have over the last few weeks had calls from a number of brokers asking how they can operate best during the lock-down & how they can service customers more easily We all need to get through this together & one of the things I wanted to do in some way, was to help people across my networks - no strings attached So I'm launching an offer of a FREE phone call with REMOTE HELP covering any aspect of your OpenGI system and / or broker business functions. This also includes business related products such as Microsoft applications, as well as helping you look at long term income generating options with better marketing and use of social media There's never been a better time to set the foundations of your future business - right here right now This is a limited availability offer and a number of daily call slots are allocated FCFS basis over the next few weeks. If I can't help directly then I'll be happy to advise best routes to get your pain sorted. If you could use some system help, process advice - or just need a quick answer to an urgent issue, then get in touch. If you are a valued User Group Member we have agreed to offer twice the allocated time to assist. No strings. No Fees. No catch. Leave your details at the link here and I'll be in touch by return #karma #network #freehelp #OFP #resultsdontlie
  9. Great news - glad to hear some sense has been applied 🙂 I'll drop you a PM here as well - #thoughts
  10. Hi @Mark Sollis, We're going with getting a custom dev done for the deletion of access history records. Out account manager Phil Brown has done a good job getting the cost down. Just waiting on sign off internally right now. Fingers crossed that'll solve the problem for us. At least we can do full refreshes without it taking forever Hope you're all staying safe these days
  11. Hi James - any updates on this - really interested to see what the outcome was And FYI for anyone in the same position - I've actually defined the solution that actually works 🙂 - happy days! 😷
  12. Adding new fields does not (should not!) require a bulk insert. If it's the case that anyone needs to, then a fix is required from Open GI imho. The whole premise for th£ upgrad£ to IC "PLUS" was to solv£ the n££d for bulk ins£rts when - tables (frames) were added, fields were changed or, new VT entries made (insurers etc) We all have to demand the best solution and get OGI / help OGI to fix what is broken - otherwise it will never change and we will all be running bulk inserts everyday for the rest our lives - which is what we did before ICPlus was launched. #petpeeves
  13. Yep, first thing I have to do after adding new fields is run a bulk insert
  14. Wellllllllllllll I'm not sure #OpenGI "support" keyword changes - I suspect it's an oversight but can be useful for sure. Strange that the ICP table is OK but the view is failing - why does 'SELECT * FROM' need to know the column names Yep - sounds like a fault feature that needs to be resolved 🙂
  15. Just wanted to say thanks to all for the feedback. One thing I have found with ICP - do not change a keyword name unless you're planning to do a complete refresh afterwards - every time you edit on of the records you'll get ICP errors in the logs and the ic_view will not update (the ICP table is ok). We've also found that sometimes new fields being added do not get pushed to ICP at all (we're raising a call about that now). Kind regards James
  16. Hi all Anyone using Sanctions check in anger? Had an issue which I couldn't fully resolve or pinpoint where the list is often short of name data. On closer inspection the names are blank when the Forename is not completed (often the case on non-writer products) - and the report seems to "assume" that if there is no forename, then the BCM.Name is irrelevant / not used / not printed. I'm probably completely wrong - I suggested they raise with OGI - just wondered if this is a known factor across the user base? #askingforafriend
  17. Correct - but as @JamesStill says - there are issues if refresh/insert is not run at least weekly which is what he is having to do. The whole point of ICP was this is not a requirement So - I'm with you - that this is a "fault" if problems occur with replication of data - and should be reported to get fixed. Otherwise, its not doing what it's supposed to be doing . Meanwhile - James still need's a solution. Speak to the Account Manager - on both counts and shelve the £xx,000 estimates
  18. @Mark Sollis I'm assuming these lead times should resolve once ICP is running as intended and without the repeated full updates? If the system is "up to date", which it should be, in real time, then the return of info should be relatively quick, especially if restricted to a shorter date span? Or have I got my wired crossed again? I guess my take-away from this is; Solution is to go back to OGI, either Support or personally, I would go to my Account Manager and ask them to look into possible problems with ICP data feed. Maybe even ask for an Engineer to take a look in case there's something wrong with the setup causing the data return issue. If they confirm it's not ICP, then perhaps look into other solutions, but for me, the bespoke solution is normally very expensive and won't necessarily leave you happy!
  19. Agree - It should be noted however, that the ICP upgrade was promoted (sold?) on the basis the new features meant it wouldn't need a refresh when new tables / frames / insurers / execs were added - so would question any need in those circumstances tbf. Yes - once in a blue Monday moon to make sure all is in synch - but low level hiccups should be managed by the app and it's processes to "catch up" any missing changes As far as the views go, you are correct to maximise performance on SQL tables of a size - but this won't solve the transfer times described by @JamesStill Just needs a bit of lateral thinking to get the right solution at the right cost. Just seems a knee-jerk "Ch***zillion" estimate for a solution that probably could be done better and at lower cost if the issue was better investigated and scoped
  20. In respect of the Purging, this is an Open GI User issue for everyone and so will be raised for discussion at the next Committee meeting. Would you agree @Mark Sollis? Purging was designed in the day when people wanted it as an option but rarely used it. So it allowed you to pick and choose how much you cleared, which might still need to be on offer. However, personally, I would like to see a packaged "Purge" where based on a set of criteria (including the option to exclude certain policy types or frames and dates), then out of date policies will go if a live one remains on the client file but the client file remains in place but if not, the whole client file is purged. Needs discussion and some open debate within the Membership but it's certainly worth investigation!
  21. I'm going to chip in here and I'll start by saying I've only been "using" ICP for about 6 months and I'm terrible at it. First off, as far as I understand it and for me that has to be layman's terms for ICP, the system only updates the changes to the system, thereby using minimal system resources? It definitely shouldn't need a complete refresh unless you're enquiring on new frames that have just been added? If you're doing a full refresh, that sounds like a system error likes @Mark Sollis mentioned earlier. Perhaps something from IC is causing a conflict? Would suggest that this might be a Support call rather than additional bespoke solutions? Also, I've probably misunderstood what you're trying to do, plus @Mark Sollis and @karl definitely know more than me, so might well correct me anyway! However, when I had my training, I was told to use "Views" rather than "Tables" when I was setting up my reports. As such, I end up with the option of Criteria which allows me to restrict the return of data to, say, a specific date range. So, if I run a report, I include the table "ic_braccesshist". I can link that to a brpolicy to see the whole Access History but then if I create Criteria for the date range I need, it only returns the relevant info? Like I said, probably way off the mark, so apologies if I am.
  22. Hi James I run the command run icptrans from the OGI server command prompt. If ever we have an issue such as missing frames (when new ones created) or scheme headers with spaces after them (when new ones have been added) etc. this is what OGI told me does a bulk insert which I understand to completely refresh the database. It literally takes around 15 minutes before Info Centre back up and okay.
  23. Thanks @JamesStill - all makes sense Thennnnnnnnnn thats a fault then isn't it?! If the current ICP solution provides a real time transactional reporting database - then it should operate and be performant. The whole campaign around (and upgrade cost of) ICP was so that bulk insert wasn't required and a data refresh was the exception not the rule. It's what everyone paid for on the upgrade. We need to help OGI get this right and get it fixed to do what it's supposed to do - no help to you right now though ... Your SQL code example in the OP takes up 5 lines of code. BCPL won't be much different IMHO - but I shouldn't question the detail. But yep - 14 days all in @ £x thousands per day + VAT is a lot of dosh for the equivalent 5 lines in BCPL. If I was asking a builder to quote for an extension - I'd like to see the basis of the quote - so I could understand the complexities. Obviously to arrive at a figure there must be some finger in the air guestimate of the work involved. So what is the Schedule Of Works expected upon which their figure is based. No different to a code build - what are the steps and what are the associated estimate for each. Its a fair question if someone is about to spend that sort of money. For a discussion with a developer on other options What if the extract of the BAH was done offline - from the backup file set - and then used to populate / overwrite the SQL BAH table separately? OR How easy is it to have a new (VSAM) table that is a subset of the BAH and holds data based on a Broker Amendment parameter of n Yrs. I wouldn't be surprised if this was 5 days effort all in ... The whole purge issue is one that needs looking at and I believe some of this work is being considered - worth persuing to establish the scope of change in plan / being planned to make sure it is fit for today's integrated environments i.e. IC/ICP wasnt really around when purging was such a hot topic 😐 Whatever the position I'd explore this route first - and if OGI haven't done so or explained why that file is taking so long, then they should. If a dedicated SDD fixes this - then that will be a 3 figure solution, not a multiple of 5 (I'm being optimistic I know, but the principle holds true) If all else fails, one option could be to split the extract file processing. The default initialises the DB but "maybe" it's possible to only initialise a table (in the pre-sql script) and then extract just the BAH table weekly. I'm sure those options have been considered by OGI as lower cost alternative solution .... and maybe they have and dismissed it for good reason. Another fair question though... Overall - a very tech product / area and in reality, only OGI can provide the right solution regardless of my ramblings which are nothing more than conjecture. So there has to be some reliance on and trust given to, the tech provider. Nothing comes for free and you just have to be happy you are getting a fair deal. If it was my business though, I'd still be asking for all the options, alternatives and a best guess breakdown of all costs - and my "supplier" would need to justify their numbers Hope the above helps and let us know how you get on and what route / solution you end up taking
  24. Hi @Mark Sollis @karl, Thanks for the replies, to take the points in order: 1. Occasionally data doesn't go into IC tables. There's a blip in the connection or maybe there's a SQL error (usually from a trigger (which we no longer use)) which rolls the change back. A data refresh will push any missing records from OpenGI into SQL. I have also found a few instances of ghost records, where records are in SQL but not in OpenGI and the data refresh doesn't fix them. Presumably the check is only one way - I can't really see anything reading each row in SQL and checking OpenGI for it. So to get rid of those, I think we're going to have to reinstate a regular full bulk refresh. I don't actually know how long this will take with ICP, but hopefully not the 12 hours it was taking with regular IC towards the end. 2. There isn't one at the moment. We've been quoted 3 days for investigation / spec and 8-11 days dev cost to build it, which seems excessive given the relative simplicity of what's required. 3. Purging is a big problem for us. We're in discussions on the GDPR front now as the functions in OpenGI aren't really any good to us. In a nutshell - you have to purge transactions / documents for specific policies based on term date, but we don't want to do that. We want to delete all clients where their last policy expired over 7 years ago. However we want polices that relate to still live clients to remain, as well as any EL policies. We also want to keep prospects that are being worked on (we use Core for all clients for a bunch of reasons), so we add an extra requirement that the ToB data on the client must be over 3 years old as well. There's another issue in deleting documents that you can't delete a one off letter without confirming them all first (which means that you can no longer read the content of them), which means you can't delete any policies / clients with a one off letter on them. Ideally I'd like to be able to mark clients and policies for deletion and when we press purge it just deletes all records relating to those references, transactions, documents, access history and so on. Then we could all set our own flags based on our personal criteria, via DB enquiry, or via X-Stream. But for now... purging is out for us. Fair point you make though. With regards to the file taking 12 hours to process, I'm pretty certain it's because it's doing a data integrity check on the 140 million rows as it's being constantly written to by ICP. The contention on the disks must be crazy. @karl What bulk import process are you referring to? It can't be the full database refresh in that time, can it? Kind regards James
  25. Even a bulk insert for me only takes around 15 minutes (and I thought our database was reasonably large).
  26. Hi James - hope you are well!! Great question and I'd be glad to offer some options / advice if I can ... First off - 1 - Why are you doing a data refresh? 2 - What is the "custom solution" (i.e. what is the proposed development that will be completed) and what is the cost? 3 - In any event, if you purged the associated Client Policy files prior to 2015 on the server - presume the log would be pruned too - obvs? #interestingtopic PS - nothing, Nothing, NOTHING, NOTHING in our world should take 12 hours to process a single file. Your full back-up OF EVERYTHING doesn't take that long - I presume the bottlenecks were investigated before the "custom solution" was proposed? @Tom Davies @karl @maskelleto
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