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    If you want to create your own Consent capture details - but don't know how to create a new data frame then this is for you. Whilst the information can be found within the Online Guides that Open GI produce, the User Group have produced a guidance video for your assistance - press the play button on the video below. Let us know if you find this useful - and any other topics you may want covered! How to create a data capture frame
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    Its put there for stress purposes !, ???
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    What a difference an "F" makes. The report is coming out now - thank you so much for your help. Well worth being a member of Open GI User Group!!! Carol
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    Hi Clare, We have our OPM set up to automatically export documents to VC when we either email and print and you are correct, this then attaches a pdf document into VC. As I understand it you can change the settings for Open Word in Open Product Settings to untick save pdf versions of documents. This then puts a word document into OPM and you'd just need to check with VC that it can be exported and saved as a word document. I think we've just got used to pdfs now! We weren't really informed of all the options when we started using Open Word 🙄 I know we all leave the letter open in Word until we've actually sent it to the client so when checking if we notice a spelling mistake or something I can amend and re-send to OPM. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more info. Cheers, Kate
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    That's great thanks Mark, Happy to wait a bit longer for final confirmation if the discount keeps going up!
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    Hi Steve - Karl has pretty much covered what you need on this. (Thanks Karl - appreciate the Tag!) If you / anyone else needs assistance on this process or any general Open GI queries, feel free to get in touch here or via our web site
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    Hi Steve You should be able to generate emails via Database Enquiry. You would search with something like:- bpy.ptype Equal to pc BPY.Term.date Equal to BCM.Contactpref Equal to Email (Obviously add whatever parameters you need). Then select the 'Generate letters/diary notes/memos/emails' option; then 'Email Messages' Once you have entered 'Subject' etc. you will have different options on how to create the email body, I use a Word template. Obviously before any of the above you will have to setup an appropriate OpenWord template. Ideally for any batch printing/emailing you would use OpenDocumentCentre but dependant on the volumes you run at a time OPM should work. You will probably need to press 'send' on each email as they pop up though. Disclaimer: Always be careful when doing anything en masse! Test with a small number of dummy policies first! Remember, if you need any help with this - Mark Sollis is a consultant who offers such services. Kind regards Karl
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    Hi Pete, We use Truckwriter, and it has never prompted us, they just run out !. having said that while we don't do bucket loads of CV business on EDI, majority of our providers have set the number range at 999999. Is it by any chance Aviva that needs them doing ?, as last week we had to "TRY" and update and issue some new Aviva policy numbers (first time for years) and we still are trying to sort it !, the Truckwriter POS software was confused, all messed up, Aviva didnt know how top reset using RMA commands. And agree with Mark, it is not connected with Open Suite, it must just be a coincidence. Happy days.
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    You should have #96 in Prospect Control so all new prospects are checked when created. You can also set under #97 to also check when converted. Also, #98 is where you set how often you want prospects rechecked during batch checks. We recheck all clients every 30 days.
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    sorry to be a pain, but I asked a question the other about 5.82 and im getting answers/replies but i cannot reply back to any Why is this?
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    What about trigger docs? if you send a trigger doc after ipid it should print all docs for that client?
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    ... and I think that's a setting in the OpenSuite config file ....
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    Creditline + is really good, being able to process payment/allocate to OGI in one process is the main advantage to other solutions. In a previous life we even linked it to our phone system to fully cover PCI DSS compliance (client keyed in cc number so we did not have to pause record) - but that was fairy expensive to do at the time. You will get the odd blip when payment has gone through but not allocated to OGI but you will have access to an online portal to check payments received if get one which has supposedly failed.
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    Hi Clare Oh OGI, how funny are you guys... They have no idea what supports what. They've created what is basically an incredibly flexible system but because we can all do different things, they just go back to "not supposed to do that". In the defence of the Support team, they "support" the designed processes of the system, so if it's a useful "mistake" in coding, they'll not get involved. OpenPrintManager isn't designed to support anything really, it's just a glorified print queue. It'll do whatever Core (Brooms) or Windows tells it to. That's why proposal forms print off single sided normally along with printouts etc. In simple terms, OpenWord letters obey Windows rules and Brokerlink (prop's etc) obey OGI rules.
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    Have you looked at competitors' websites to see what they state they will be doing about it?
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    Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply. Everyone must be busy reading hundreds of pages of legislation! We’re just finalising our procedures now. Good advice has been hard to find. Even the data privacy lawyers are reluctant. I have documented the phone call with the ICO so if we’re doing something wrong we can say they told us to (that was the compliance consultant’s advice). Thanks, Lisa
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    Perfect - thank you for that
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    Hi - there's no automated way to do this - unless you have additional software from OGI already installed. Given you have to complete the detail following contact and consent discussions with each customer, there is little point in adding it globally anyway as it still needs to be updated case by case - at a given touch-point. Better to build the "adding and completion" of this frame into your MTA / Renewal processes and track update and completion via reporting methods from the system to ensure you are on target. If this is a "valuable" exercise for your business and you want to promote completion of your "consent" data frame, then why not have a monthly award / voucher based on percentage of data completed per agent / operator? Either way - likely this will take 12 months to capture all the detail - unless you are planning a big bang mass marketing / contact / telesales campaign to every customer you have - as long as they have consented to such contact in the first place .... see ICO Fines here for current practice - pre GDPR Hope that helps!
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    Hi Stuart - then you will want to use either Option 13 or Option 17 in the Prospect Control set-up on the Prospect menu where you can set the screen to appear. Not sure that's the best workflow - as this just saves the preference detail as part of the risk - when you may really want to save client preferences as part of the client detail screens. There are other options too, if you have Toolkit solutions but hope the above helps!
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    Hi Karl - yep it's pretty straight forward as you say. There's also lots more to do though - even once you have the £2.3k "frame". Speaking with a few brokers, they are looking for ease of data entry, methods to track uptake, best workflow practice, report output and data refresh cycle management. I know there is some info from OGI - and every broker needs to qualify exactly what they are getting for their money. As always - it's best to see it with their own eyes and ask the right questions for their own business so they can make an informed choice - to either Take up the offer - because it gives them everything they need at an acceptable TCO Build it themselves and try to understand all the peripheral changes required to make it work or Save 87% of the OGI price and go elsewhere using expert advice and delivery of a full solution The User Group can also assist - although ultimately it would be a self build. A lot of brokers will be happy with that option too
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    I saw the demo for the frame today, I could knock one up myself in less than two hours lol.
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    Yeah, I just looked and I created a back office doc with a Calculations box in it containing:- select btx find last where [BTX.Trantype] eq "r" [YCT.Date2] is [BTX.Dt.raised] [YCT.Var1.2] is [BTX.orig.debt] Then just include as text document within your OpenWord template and set the YCT variable as needed to display latest renewal transaction info.
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    Thanks Mark and hi there Lesley and Kate My first question is where is the e-mail being initiated from? If it's anywhere other than the Transaction itself, the BTX and BLT related original debt won't work properly because it needs to know which one it's looking for. Obviously, this does make it a pain when trying to attach Renewal Schedules from OpenPrintManager. I'm looking into ways around it. I'll keep you posted.
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    Please can I be the caddy? - I hear they are well paid - Hehe!
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    Afternoon All, I assume, like me, you have begun to receive info from insurers relating to green car issuing for motor policies pre & post Brexit. My question is, I assume I need to contact all with a motor policy and advise them that the EU coverage on their cert will possibly be invalid on their certs. Is there a way that I can send a "Group" email mailshot to all clients (obviously observing GDPR) for those that have requested email cores. and a letter to each client that has preferred post? What I am trying to get at is other than going into each clients diary page and manually requesting can the system do a group sending? I have OA/OPM if that helps, do I need more software? This could also assist us with the "Newsletter" we are planning on sending later in the year as well. Thanks Steve
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