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    Thank you Mark for the info I have logged it with OGI and they are looking at it.
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    Public Service Announcement As an independent Consultant, I have over the last few weeks had calls from a number of brokers asking how they can operate best during the lock-down & how they can service customers more easily We all need to get through this together & one of the things I wanted to do in some way, was to help people across my networks - no strings attached So I'm launching an offer of a FREE phone call with REMOTE HELP covering any aspect of your OpenGI system and / or broker business functions. This also includes business related products such as Microsoft applications, as well as helping you look at long term income generating options with better marketing and use of social media There's never been a better time to set the foundations of your future business - right here right now This is a limited availability offer and a number of daily call slots are allocated FCFS basis over the next few weeks. If I can't help directly then I'll be happy to advise best routes to get your pain sorted. If you could use some system help, process advice - or just need a quick answer to an urgent issue, then get in touch. If you are a valued User Group Member we have agreed to offer twice the allocated time to assist. No strings. No Fees. No catch. Leave your details at the link here and I'll be in touch by return #karma #network #freehelp #OFP #resultsdontlie
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    Agree - It should be noted however, that the ICP upgrade was promoted (sold?) on the basis the new features meant it wouldn't need a refresh when new tables / frames / insurers / execs were added - so would question any need in those circumstances tbf. Yes - once in a blue Monday moon to make sure all is in synch - but low level hiccups should be managed by the app and it's processes to "catch up" any missing changes As far as the views go, you are correct to maximise performance on SQL tables of a size - but this won't solve the transfer times described by @JamesStill Just needs a bit of lateral thinking to get the right solution at the right cost. Just seems a knee-jerk "Ch***zillion" estimate for a solution that probably could be done better and at lower cost if the issue was better investigated and scoped
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    I'm going to chip in here and I'll start by saying I've only been "using" ICP for about 6 months and I'm terrible at it. First off, as far as I understand it and for me that has to be layman's terms for ICP, the system only updates the changes to the system, thereby using minimal system resources? It definitely shouldn't need a complete refresh unless you're enquiring on new frames that have just been added? If you're doing a full refresh, that sounds like a system error likes @Mark Sollis mentioned earlier. Perhaps something from IC is causing a conflict? Would suggest that this might be a Support call rather than additional bespoke solutions? Also, I've probably misunderstood what you're trying to do, plus @Mark Sollis and @karl definitely know more than me, so might well correct me anyway! However, when I had my training, I was told to use "Views" rather than "Tables" when I was setting up my reports. As such, I end up with the option of Criteria which allows me to restrict the return of data to, say, a specific date range. So, if I run a report, I include the table "ic_braccesshist". I can link that to a brpolicy to see the whole Access History but then if I create Criteria for the date range I need, it only returns the relevant info? Like I said, probably way off the mark, so apologies if I am.
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    Hi Steve We use RWA Aviva Development Zone to undertake training modules which also logs our CPD and we can produce reports from this if needed. This does obviously come at a cost. I am not sure if we need to submit any information to the FCA though as I don't get directly involved in this side of things. Clare
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    Hi Clare, We have our OPM set up to automatically export documents to VC when we either email and print and you are correct, this then attaches a pdf document into VC. As I understand it you can change the settings for Open Word in Open Product Settings to untick save pdf versions of documents. This then puts a word document into OPM and you'd just need to check with VC that it can be exported and saved as a word document. I think we've just got used to pdfs now! We weren't really informed of all the options when we started using Open Word 🙄 I know we all leave the letter open in Word until we've actually sent it to the client so when checking if we notice a spelling mistake or something I can amend and re-send to OPM. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more info. Cheers, Kate
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    Please can I be the caddy? - I hear they are well paid - Hehe!
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