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  1. Sara Noble

    Core 14 Release

    Yes Aggy, I believe you are right! It came from some bespoke work they did for a Broker. It will be mighty handy for those of us who are not so system and process driven to knock their frames into shape and start trying to become more efficient. I say trying..............
  2. Sara Noble

    Open GI Vacancy

    Hi All, If you know anyone who would be interested in joining Open GI's Product Team working with Kristina Wilkins please refer them to this link. Thanks Sara
  3. Sara Noble

    OGI/Roland Smith

    My link
  4. Sara Noble


    Awww, happy birthday Dave B!
  5. Sara Noble

    ****EDI ISSUE****

    Me again! Brokerlink 47 should be rolled out at the end of the month. If that changes drastically I'll let you all know.
  6. Well done Dave B for winning our first prize draw for a free consultancy day worth £750

  7. Sara Noble


    Well done DaveB! Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the forum. Hope the consultancy day is useful.
  8. Sara Noble

    ****EDI ISSUE****

    Hi All, An update on the above issue. The fix outlined above will be rolled out as part of Brokerlink 47 which is the next release due. This is a great example of the Open GI User Group adding value to all users of the system. Thanks to our strong relationship with Open GI, once the matter was raised at the appropriate level a solution was proposed and developed within 48 hours. I hope you all agree, that's pretty impressive!! Particular thanks to Kristina Wilkins for making this happen within Open GI. Result!
  9. Sara Noble

    ****EDI ISSUE****

    The Open GI User Group has recently become aware of an issue affecting all Motorwriter Users who have switched on the option to update the level 1 at MTA in Brokerlink Control. If you update the address in Motorwriter and leave the phone number field blank, the phone number saved on the level 1 is deleted. It appears this has always been the case. As soon as we brought the matter to Open GI's attention they began working on a fix. This fix will mean that the only fields updated by Motorwriter when you change a client's address will be the address and postcode. As soon as we know when the fix will be rolled out, we will post the information here. In the meantime, please be very careful when you are updating an address in Motorwriter or, switch off the option to update your level one when updating addresses in Motorwriter. Further updates will follow shortly. This post has been promoted to an article
  10. Sara Noble

    O'loughlins Article

    Derek Balfe, you are famous at last! Article
  11. Sara Noble

    Profile Picture

    Dear Aggy, Why is it that most of the time my profile pic is the one of me holding a refreshing V & T on my holibags but at other times it's that rubbish avatar thing I did?! Yours confused McChairperson xx
  12. Sara Noble

    Are Towergate in Breach of FSA Rules

    Yes jdh, you are right. I contacted Max Carruthers a few months ago and highlighted the problem. I received confirmation in mid-may that that it will be addressed. Jon Mitchell from PowerPlace was at our last meeting and he was hopeful it would be complete by October although this is not set in stone and it could be later.........It is worth noting that this was nothing to do with PowerPlace - it was a Towergate issue. Anyway, this is a huge result and one the User Group will be taking the credit for!
  13. I might steal your profile photo as my new "press photo". I have been asked for one you know..........!

  14. I thought it would be nice to post a positive experience of Open GI. I think we are all a bit guilty of jumping up and down when things go wrong and forgetting to praise when things go well. I had 2 engineers onsite last week to upgrade the Linux Operating System on my server. I have put this off for a long time as I was sure there would be a lot of disruption. There is a long story here as Open GI had initially wanted to replace my server with a like for like one but I was uncomfortable with this. I like my server - it has been reliable, I know it's not been pushed too hard and there's plenty life in it. Open GI didn't argue with my emotional attachment even though they would have been within their rights to call the funny farm! They agreed to let me have a loan server whilst they did the work to our server onsite. A week before the job a loan server arrived onsite by courier. I was expecting 3 days of our system being up and down like a yo-yo. I was wrong. Our regular engineer agreed to come into the office early on the first day of the job which meant we had less downtime during our operating hours and we were only down once that day. He left around lunchtime but not before he had hung around for an hour or 2 to make sure the loan server was up and running without any issues. The 2nd day an extra engineer was onsite just in case there were any issues and the 2 of them worked away at installing the new operating system. When they were waiting on the software loading they updated each of my machines with the latest Open Suite (I had been putting this off for weeks) and offered to help with any issues we may have been having with the system. The loan server was switched to our own server when we were closed for lunch and this meant we only had around 30 minutes of downtime during office hours the second day. The engineers left around 3pm and there was no need for the third scheduled day. Most of you on this forum will be used to various engineers coming in site and disrupting your colleagues and creating havoc (or maybe that's just the companies I use!) that's not to mention the jobsworths. This is not an untypical experience of Open GI being onsite for me, I find the engineers to be helpful and they regularly go above and beyond what I expect. They are a credit to Open GI. The fact I don't see them often is testament to how reliable and robust the system is. Am I lucky or do you all have similar experiences with the Open GI engineers?<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">Sara