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  1. I am assuming that you may be a larger company than we are and therefore need a print/post room. In most cases, we need to print out documents straight away as customers may be waiting. Our chaser letters are done through the OPM queue which is not a problem, its just the speed at which a document is available when you need a document immediately. On the old Broom system, the documents are printed and waiting in seconds. At the moment, I am concentrating on creating OW documents for those where any time delay in not a problem, such as chaser letters or renewal letters where documents can be batched up while the letter is being printed. I have spoke with OpenGi and they have agreed that it will take the time it seems to be taking due to data being converted and transmitted between OpenGi/Word/Citrix but that this is a trade off against a better presented document and that we need to look at ways of adapting hence this post.
  2. Thanks Colm for your speedy response. The emails are initially have the details you have stated in the subject line but the problem seems to be that you then have a number of Files with the same name apart from a number in brackets and you are not aware if the email in in or out so you have to go through each email to see which one you might need to go back to. It can also be the case that you get a reply while you are still in a file to which you need to reply too.
  3. We are now using Open Attach (OA) and beginning to deal with emails in OpenAttach. Finding that our OA file page quickly gets filled up with emails which is not helped when a one email can start a chain of emails consisting of one-liners which all take time to at to OA and then Rename and Re-Categorize to try and make sense of each email to avoid each email having the same File Name. I am aware that these can be put into folders if this gets out of hand. This is very time consuming. How does everyone deal with this. Would welcome suggestions
  4. We are now using OpenWord/Attach/Print Manager. It takes around 40 seconds from hitting the Print button to getting the printout. It's a long time so how does everyone organise their time to fill in. Looking for suggestions to provide to staff to encourage use of Open Word documents apart from make a cup of tea and go for a cigarette
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