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  1. karl

    sanctions checking

    You should have #96 in Prospect Control so all new prospects are checked when created. You can also set under #97 to also check when converted. Also, #98 is where you set how often you want prospects rechecked during batch checks. We recheck all clients every 30 days.
  2. karl

    open word templates

    I usually take out and put back in, as Mark said, can be 'flakey' when editing. You can however remove the new else/endif and leave the existing ones in place.
  3. karl

    sanctions checking

    Hi Nigel As far as I am aware you should be regularly rechecking your book. To do this, you need to set the overnight batch sanctions check as part of your overnight process. You can set parameters you require in broker amendment (I think including max number of records to check per night/how often to recheck each client). Your second point should be irrelevant if you are running the rechecks as above. Thanks Karl
  4. karl

    Card Payments

    Creditline + is really good, being able to process payment/allocate to OGI in one process is the main advantage to other solutions. In a previous life we even linked it to our phone system to fully cover PCI DSS compliance (client keyed in cc number so we did not have to pause record) - but that was fairy expensive to do at the time. You will get the odd blip when payment has gone through but not allocated to OGI but you will have access to an online portal to check payments received if get one which has supposedly failed.
  5. karl

    GDPR - Consent Data Capture

    I tried to make my frame as 'user-friendly' as possible so made all the consent given/retracted dates auto populate based on when questions answered/changed.
  6. karl

    Print Manager Print Time

    OpenDocumentCentre more than doubled the speed of our OpenWord printing. With ODC we can confidently batch generate/print hundreds of renewals at a time.
  7. karl

    Add-On Marketplace

    Hi Clare Even the default legal expenses solution (set in broker amendment) works similar in that it creates a new LE each year as a non-renewable NB (so basically a one-off add-on policy which in its own right is not renewable). Yes, you will have multiple LE’s but can’t see an issue with this and with regards to MI, I link the LE to the relevant main policy transaction within my reporting. Therefore I can see full income for each policy including commission, legal commission, fees & discounts. The main policy tran type identifies if NB, Rnl etc. Kind regards Karl
  8. karl

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    Love the monthly reward idea for getting consent for existing clients. Now to add a hidden operator field to my frame......
  9. I personally believe as long as you are 100% certain there are no other users in the system/overnight schedules due to start you are fine to run without exclusive mode.
  10. karl

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    Like I said, saw it on Monday. It is a basic data capture frame (with a little validation) anyone with scheme toolkit could replicate in no time.
  11. karl

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    I saw the demo for the frame today, I could knock one up myself in less than two hours lol.
  12. karl

    Keywords into Email

    Yeah, I just looked and I created a back office doc with a Calculations box in it containing:- select btx find last where [BTX.Trantype] eq "r" [YCT.Date2] is [BTX.Dt.raised] [YCT.Var1.2] is [BTX.orig.debt] Then just include as text document within your OpenWord template and set the YCT variable as needed to display latest renewal transaction info.
  13. karl

    Keywords into Email

    Pretty sure I had this issue when letters not printed directly from transaction and resolved it with code selecting BTX records. Will check Monday and feedback.
  14. karl

    The Long Hard Road

    Guys Re: Call recording - If you don't already know (has been over 2 years since last post in this thread!) Credit Line Plus can now be integrated with Callstream which allows the customer to key in details through phone (led by advisor who cannot hear tones). Hope this helps.
  15. Interestingly we have now decided to extend the batch calculations to generate the renewal letters as well so I will feedback on how this goes for us.