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  1. Clare Carter

    Add-On Marketplace

    Apologies, we are behind the times but hoping that those that have been using Add-on marketplace for a number of years may be able to help. I am currently looking to introduce Add-on Marketplace into our Personal Lines team. From my understanding add-ons created via add-on marketplace will be created on level 2 as a New Business every year and automatically marked as non-renewable, whether they are actually new business or a renewal. This means that when a client has been with us a number of years we will have umpteen level 2's for add-ons such as Legal Expenses & Breakdown, which my MD isn't happy about. Not only that but it will distort our figures as the transaction is listed as a new business rather than a renewal (where appropriate). Is my understanding correct and we just have to live with this or is there a way round it please? Thanks