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  1. We have stayed with HP. HP602 (603) . Most reliable printer we have owned double sized output hopper. H3015 is a standard workhorse for normal depts. Also never breakdown. You can tell if printer are reliable if the printer service company throw in the printer contract for free. We only see the engineers for the Canon MFD's we have. Has anyone programmed a Canon MFD for OpenGI by the way?
  2. Thanks Mark. Re Creditline plus, we have been told by bothe Security Metrics (who do the job for Barclays) and the Lloyds pci support, that the presence of browser based input as used by creditlineplus bring every users's environment into scope since the ablity of keyloggers etc to infect a pc on the LAN means that the whole LAN comes into scope. The fact that the 'Virtual Terminal' used by the credit checking software does not store the data locally is not material. It is 'stored' on screen and in cache. Same problem currently exists with the Voice recording. We can move forward by using white noise or getting users to hit the stop record button whilst taking credit card detaisl, but we would have to delete all existing recordings. Anyone else had this advice?
  3. Hi Mark. We were compliant until we started using creditline and then plus. Now with the latest SAQ (we are D) we are no where near. Basically our move to allow users to take payment and settle results in our having to complete the full 270+ questionaire. Other issues like voice recording could be dealt with but the fact that almost all users can take and fill in the credit card details mean that we are caught. Have so far had quotes from NCC group and have another NSA registered company ue next week. Prices start at £5000 for the workshop. We have had to register with Lloyds who have just stated chasing us to see what we will do. Any other experiences or comment would be interesting Mike Anderson, Clear Insurance
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