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  1. That's great thanks Mark, Happy to wait a bit longer for final confirmation if the discount keeps going up!
  2. Hi All, Just about to take the plunge on Open Print Manager - I can see that we enjoyed a 20% discount last year and being the Yorkshireman I am, wondered if this deal has been extended into 2019? Grateful if someone could clarify so I can finalise with my OGI account manager. Cheers, Darren
  3. Thanks Mark, I had previously looked in BrokerLink control and it already had the ' update Level 1 at MTA' flagged 'No'. I'm wondering if it could be linked to APM? - that said, I can't see anything in the 124 options within Prospect Control that may be the culprit. Plus it's hard to replicate in a test environment without mucking up live EDI cases. It's not a mega urgent issue, so I'll see if anyone else on the forum can point me in the right direction before logging a support request. Have a good day
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if there is an option to prevent the EDI system auto updating the Client Master Level 1 address details to the correspondence address within the EDI policy at renewal? We have some historic EDI cases on the same Client master and want to retain the mailing address we have physically entered in BROOMS. Thanks, Darren
  5. Hi Colm, We purchased two Netgear NAS Drives - effectively a box with 5x 1TB hard disks in each. Data is duplicated on all 5 drives as a failsafe for drive failure. One NAS drive stays on site and is connected to our LAN, the other sits off-site (at a colleagues house) and again is connected to the internet via his modem/router. As you appear to have two offices, you could have a drive at each that back up to each other. We installed a piece of software called Memeo which is constantly looking for file additions and changes throughout the day on our document imaging database (Virtual Cabinet) and backs them up to the NAS drive on site in almost real-time. You can also add any other directories to Memeo you want backing up. I don't think its possible to back up OpenGI in real-time when sessions are running. When our overnight OpenGI schedule starts we have the OpenGI system back up firstly to tape drive on the OpenGI Server and immediately afterwards it sends a copy to Memeo and the on-site NAS drive. The Netgear Hardware comes with a piece of software called ReadyNAS Replicate and this then sends a copy of the backup from the onsite NAS Drive to the off-site one. The overnight replicate takes less than an hour but both drives are connected to Fibre internet providers. Time will depend on file size and both your upload and download speeds. OpenGI can help you set up the special overnight processing to send a file each day overnight. We have a separate file for each working day of the week and opted to overwrite them on a weekly basis. Our IT chap is based here in York and probably wouldn't be able to travel across to you but at least you could speak to someone locally and tell them how we do it. Hope that helps
  6. We upgraded our OpenGi Server last month - whilst the cloud option was being heavily promoted, we stuck with on-site hardware and a robust on and off-site backup facility on the advice of an external I.T Consultant. The SSP debarcle has just backed up (pun intended) our decision to give cloud a miss this time round. There seems to be a lot of smoke and mirrors in the press at the minute regarding what has actually happened at SSP and is the brokers data safeguarded. I wonder why services couldn't continue via a second back-up cloud server? I for one wouldn't cherish the thought of the FCA questioning my Disaster Recovery Policy for something 'out of my control' but as you say, the responsibility lies with the Broker. I expect there will be discussions between SSP users and their legal advisors... Computers, can't live with 'em...
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