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  1. Perfect - thank you for that
  2. Hi Mark, that has brought the frame across now in the clients details screen now for a new prospect. Is there a way that the frame can be added to every clients details screen?
  3. How do we do this? Can we attach the frame to the client detail screen?
  4. Thanks Mark. That has helped the frame to appear, may need to look at the workflow then.
  5. Hi Mark Thank you for your reply. We would like it after the quote, when we are converting it to make it live. Like i say at the minute we have a frame that appears in our workflow following the quote but I can not see the settings which make this happen
  6. Hi just wondered if you can assist. I have managed to knock up the GDPR frame, do you know how I insert this to my workflow in prospect? We have one like this already but our Open GI trainer set that up. Thanks in advance if you can help.
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