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  1. I thought the sanctions checking was supposed to be automatic, but according to what you are saying it is only automatic at the point of transfer, is that right? How often do you check your book? Kind regards nigel
  2. Thanks Karl, I will try that as well. Nigel
  3. Thanks Mark, I had tried this but it didnt seem to work. I will try again and see if I have any more luck. Nigel
  4. Hi all, Im going mad with posts this morning!! Does anyone have a problem with the sanctions checking module on open gi? According to what ive been told, it should automatically do a sanctions check on each client before the renewal is due each year, but for some reason our system does not do it. Any ideas? Also, we use APM, but have a problem where if we have an existing client and then use the info from this by transferring it to apm for a new quote, if we then transfer it back to brooms as a new policy, it doesnt do another sanctions check. Ive been told by OGI that this is right, as it will only do it if any of the level 1 info has been altered, but to me this isnt the correct way for it to work, as if the first policy was done 3 months ago, the client could have been added to the sanctions list since, so it should be checking them again. Anyone have any thoughts or feedback on this? nigel
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is an easy way to alter a keyword that has already been entered into an open word template? I have put in the template an "if " command, but I want to alter the case type for when it prints, and also to alter the context of the "if" command. I could just delete and replace it, but the document is quite complicated and i would rather not do this. Any ideas? nigel
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