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  1. I have an call open with Opengi but anyone having the same issue? We run an report called Renewal Report to pick up the EDI's Renewal Notices from insurers for rebroking This produces 2/3 documents the Renewal Notice, NCD Renewal Invite and IPID - my issue is the Notice/NCD go to the print queue that the agent types in at the start of the report SPQprintqueue: but the Ipid goes to the users default queue, anyone know how I can change the path of IPID so it goes to same queue as the other documents?
  2. Hi Guys on PC policys the signons will get warnings about the certs going low giving me time to ring/email the insurers asking for release numbers before running out. But on TW (Truck Writer) OpenGI are saying that no warnings for certs and you will only find out when your out. I cant remember this happening before we upgraded to 5.82
  3. Thanks guys for your answers/reply’s opengi are saying that it’s because the pds’s are pcl and not the normal type of pdf lol not sure about this differences but working with the teams to change the processes in open product settings, let you know the out come
  4. sorry to be a pain, but I asked a question the other about 5.82 and im getting answers/replies but i cannot reply back to any Why is this?
  5. Hi just found this forum We updated from 5.2.1 to 5.82 how many of you are using 5.82 and how you finding it? Also how are you getting on with IPID docs? I finding the PDf don't leave the print queue Pete
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