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Sara Noble

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Dear Aggy,


Why is it that most of the time my profile pic is the one of me holding a refreshing V & T on my holibags but at other times it's that rubbish avatar thing I did?!


Yours confused

McChairperson xx

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Dear McChairperson,



Indeed there seems to be some confusion over your pictures displayed at times. I'm wondering whether there is some "block" on displaying "fun" and "enjoyment" type images on a Forum dedicated to a pure working environement or, possibly the fact that because - clearly - copious amounts of alcohol were being enjoyed at that time?


However, on reflection McChairperson, I suspect that it could be down to a couple of factors:


It seems that mobile devices use the profile picture as the avatar (the one that shows next to a post) whereas desktop devices seem to use the avatar itself. Now dont' start bragging about iPads and all that nerdy kind of stuff, or asking "why" this happens -it just seems to and that's as much as I know. I have seen a similar effect with MW who's strange Japanese Sumo avatar disappears when I'm on mobile comms ...


Do you think this could be causing the issue?



Maybe if you load up a new avatar - as per your profile picture - your confusion should be resolved and we will all be able to enjoy a more consistent view of the real you - with a G&T in hand and having fun


I hope this helps - if not do please come back and visit "Help with the Forum" area of the board and let me know! ;)

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    • Thanks guys for your answers/reply’s  opengi are saying that it’s because the pds’s are pcl and not the normal type of pdf lol not sure about this differences    but  working with the teams to change the processes in open product settings, let you know the out come 
    • Hi Peter - thanks for joining recently and sorry to hear you are having some issues replying to posts   On investigation, this was in fact an incorrect setting for that particular Forum area and for registered users in the "Member" category   This has now been corrected and you should be able to "reply" to your posts - and any other posts!!   Thanks for spotting this one - and taking the time to raise with us.   Happy days 
    • sorry to be a pain, but I asked a question the other about 5.82 and im getting answers/replies but i  cannot reply back to any   Why is this?   
    • Yes - sorry - getting my OCP / ODC /OPM confused OPM allows trigger docs - as long as you dont want to add / review prior 👍
    • Mark it is also available under std OPM, whilst we don't currently use it I have just tested it by sending 3 different letters to the print queue the last one set as trigger doc and this sent all 3 to the printer out of OPM without user intervention