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Sara Noble

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Dear Aggy,


Why is it that most of the time my profile pic is the one of me holding a refreshing V & T on my holibags but at other times it's that rubbish avatar thing I did?!


Yours confused

McChairperson xx

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Dear McChairperson,



Indeed there seems to be some confusion over your pictures displayed at times. I'm wondering whether there is some "block" on displaying "fun" and "enjoyment" type images on a Forum dedicated to a pure working environement or, possibly the fact that because - clearly - copious amounts of alcohol were being enjoyed at that time?


However, on reflection McChairperson, I suspect that it could be down to a couple of factors:


It seems that mobile devices use the profile picture as the avatar (the one that shows next to a post) whereas desktop devices seem to use the avatar itself. Now dont' start bragging about iPads and all that nerdy kind of stuff, or asking "why" this happens -it just seems to and that's as much as I know. I have seen a similar effect with MW who's strange Japanese Sumo avatar disappears when I'm on mobile comms ...


Do you think this could be causing the issue?



Maybe if you load up a new avatar - as per your profile picture - your confusion should be resolved and we will all be able to enjoy a more consistent view of the real you - with a G&T in hand and having fun


I hope this helps - if not do please come back and visit "Help with the Forum" area of the board and let me know! ;)

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    • Complete the poll above and let us know your initial thoughts on Mobius
    • Hi Debra   I've not come across any corruption issues before - so can't give any specific answers. This sort of thing may happen for lots of reasons - none of which easy to pin down:- security settings / version differences (OpenAttach / Scan software / PC Windows or Operating system Vs / Adobe / Java etc etc). You really need to be able to pin down when / for whom this happens - as I suspect it will be not across all machines all the time and get to the problem once you know where it is. Tricky indeed ...   You don't mention "how" the PDF gets to OpenAttach - is it copied / dragged / Imported as all may have an impact. Also - would be good to know "when" it gets corrupted. That means everyone checking post allocation that you can read it - which is painful I know - but it may be corrupted BEFORE it even hits OpeanAttach - all part of the investigation process I'm afraid.    OpenAttach has never been the fastest tool to retrieve documents - but should be usable. Areas to look at here are the file sizes being generated by your scan stations (any more than a few hundred k will be an issue and a waste of space. Secondly folder sizes and volume of documents. OA has to read the whole directory before displaying the list - and that can take time with a few hundred in a folder. Finally -  it may just come down to the OA server set-up. (i) Are they stored on the OGI server or a dedicated Windows server (ii) if the latter - is it a DEDICATED server - or is it doing other things as well (iii) is the server physically located in your office - or remote?   Intermittent problems are always hard to track down the root cause - but the speed may be more easily investigated as above   If all else fails - it's back to OGI I'm afraid - they should spot the issues ...... eventually 🙊   Meanwhile - let me know any more info around the above and happy to help further if I can   M
    • I am wondering whether any other Open Attach users are experiencing problems when they retrieve scanned files that have been imported into Open Attach.  We have had several instances where a PDF document has been retrieved from Open Attach only to find it won't open as it has become corrupt.  Initially we reviewed our scanning and importing process, however, this is fine and documents stored in other locations do not seem to present a problem.   In addition documents can become very unresponsive when accessing them via Open Attach and again I would be interested to find out whether other users are having similar experiences.   Any feedback would be appreciated.
    • Hi Mark,   Thanks for your reply. Everyone must be busy reading hundreds of pages of legislation!    We’re just finalising our procedures now. Good advice has been hard to find. Even the data privacy lawyers are reluctant. I have documented the phone call with the ICO so if we’re doing something wrong we can say they told us to (that was the compliance consultant’s advice).    Thanks,   Lisa
    • Hi Lisa - thanks for the question   Looks like this has not gained much response !! Always a tricky area   I'm no compliance advisor - so you will need to take better advice. However as a minimum (DPA or GDPR ) you have to prove you have a lawful basis - and that you have a process for those wishing to opt out - even if there are consequences given you are holding their Insurance   And when you are no longer holding their (current) policy - then what? What is your documented process for removal of their data you no longer "need"? How can they access it? How can they port it elsewhere?   Maybe someone can give a more lucid / generic answer from the coalface - but you really need to take good advice from a good source.   Are you a network member and / or do you have a compliance point of reference (other than ICO)?