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AGM Minutes 2016

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    • ... and I think that's a setting in the OpenSuite config file ....
    • We are on 5.82 its not giving us any grief.   If you e mail or open attach the IPID on ours it takes it out of print manager.   My bug bear with it, is you cannot trigger the auto printing of the thing to a real printer, grrrrrrr    
    • @Philr may be able to help - he is the User Group IPID man!
    • Hi just found this forum    We updated from 5.2.1  to 5.82  how many of you are using 5.82 and how you finding it?  Also how are you getting on with IPID docs?  I finding the PDf don't leave the print queue   Pete  
    • Also - once confirmed and tested, make sure you can access the service outside of your local network    If it cant be connected likely it is a firewall / port issue that you will need your IT / Infrastructure team to allow access to   That can be a little painful too ...   M