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Bryan Whitfield

data transfer between branches


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Hi Bryan - of course!!

Apologies - there are a couple of answers that are applicable - and I was trying to formulate a coherent response. The "day job" has stalled my response ....

Let me complete tomorrow and I'll post up the options here. But of course - there are more questions than answers ..


Meanwhile - can you confirm (i) whether you use APM - prospect manager? Also - (ii) what data MUST you transfer as a minimum - i.e. 

  • Client
  • Policy
  • Risk
  • Diary
  • ClaimsWriter detail
  • PolicyNumbers
  • Insurer
  • OpenAttach documents
  • Transactions
  • EDI records


Or simply - is it just the Client / Policy and Risk pages?


Let me know - but will be back to you here tomorrow (Thursday)!




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Hi Bryan - have called the office a couple of times to talk though and dropped an email across earlier as it's a little complex in black and white


However and in brief, you can move client policy data to another branch "via APM" but is somewhat dependent on (i) what you want to move (see previous post) and (ii) what software you have installed (APM Prospect and / or APM Prospect Professional) 


If you have APM Pro - then the settings in Prospect Control to consider are 


18 - Allows Save Across Branches

27 - Search Across Branches

35 - Prospect to Prospect Transfer (probably not relevant to this solution)

36 - Default Branch for 35 - (again, probably not relevant to this solution)

39 - Showing Live cases in searches 


In Back Office (Core) you also need to use Broker Maintenance option


Other 3 - Include in Searches from Other Branches


Once the above is done, you can "pull" the existing branch record into the target Branch as an APM record and then Save to that branch as a new Live record. Best method to use for the "pull" is via a free form search on the postcode - all others aren't as fast or as complete (an OGI Bugg-ette if you try and use reference or name etc - as I've painfully uncovered ....). This method is useful if you are restricting / securing access to the main branch


Alternatively, you can load the data into the "current" branch APM from the live Policy record (Prospect / Load) - and do the "Make Live" / "Transfer" from APM and save it to the correct branch


Either way, there are still limitations on amount of data, there is some set-up to complete and there are some significant considerations - all depending on the actual reasons "why" you want to move the record. 


Hopefully the above will help, but if you need any further clarification, you have my number and happy to have a call





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