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As an independent Consultant, I have over the last few weeks had calls from a number of brokers asking how they can operate best during the lock-down & how they can service customers more easily


We all need to get through this together & one of the things I wanted to do in some way, was to help people across my networks - no strings attached


So I'm launching an offer of a FREE phone call with REMOTE HELP covering any aspect of your OpenGI system and / or broker business functions. This also includes business related products such as Microsoft applications, as well as helping you look at long term income generating options with better marketing and use of social media


There's never been a better time to set the foundations of your future business - right here right now


This is a limited availability offer and a number of daily call slots are allocated FCFS basis over the next few weeks. If I can't help directly then I'll be happy to advise best routes to get your pain sorted. If you could use some system help, process advice - or just need a quick answer to an urgent issue, then get in touch. If you are a valued User Group Member we have agreed to offer twice the allocated time to assist.


No strings. No Fees. No catch.


Leave your details at the link here and I'll be in touch by return


karma #network freehelp



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    • Hi Mar   OGI have an option for simple AD integration - so have a look in the guides - at this link   You may have this already ..?   Not quite single sign on - but it's workable   Hope that helps / points you in the right direction   M
    • Hello this might be a random question but does anyone happen to know what kind of authentication standards OpenGI works on?.  I am at the earliest stages of looking at the possibility of moving into single sign on and this is a key application for us.  I presume this might be a question for OpenGI but I thought to ask just in case.    Many thanks in advance to everyone
    • Thank you Mark for the info I have logged it with OGI and they are looking at it.   
    • Hi Mar - and welcome to the Forum!   I think the issue is that the error message will be best investigated by OGI. I've never seen that one - but maybe some other live users may be able to assist. Other than checking the document filename / length of filename for the template and / or the trigger document - it would be best to log with OGI   Sorry I cant help - but sometimes its just a program error! - Oh - do check you are on the latest Vs of OpenSuite products - and especially ALL client software (each PC) is also upto date - that often causes random issues like this  (and OGI will say to check / upgrade as a first step anyway)   Let us know the outcome!   
    • Hi we are setting up ODC printing - the file reaches the server queue in OPM and file is shown there however the export part is not working . The document in OPM displays a X and the following  into a ( "is an invalid expanded name ,  has anyone come across anything like this before and know what the issue might be. Thanks 
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