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  3. There will be issues whichever way - so you need to pick the right way for you at get it right first time. In short - and from experience on both sides - I'd say transfer now to your server, as separate branches. This may involve some logistics for connectivity (I don't know your set-up) but on the face of it - is better than running multiple servers and multiple business processes. You'll thank yourself in the long run Moving / migrating / transferring / consolidating to one branch - on the same server - is far, far easier to manage once the data is on one platform. T
  4. We were thinking to merge on our system but can well foresee a few issues 🙂
  5. not to any great extent so this shouldn't be a problem but thanks again
  6. Sorry Sandra - Are you planning to merge the branches on THEIR system - or merge and migrate to your server? The first is as everyone has said above - the latter is potentially a whole new world of complexity - x 10!
  7. Just thought, do you/they use Open Attach?
  8. Thank you Karl - I thought this was the case and good idea to stamp the notes!
  9. I’ve done this many years ago. If you merge branches into one, bear in mind client/policy references which are already taken on the target branch will get a new number. Therefore, if you have direct debit with a finance provider such as Premium Credit, you may have to provide them with a cross reference list. We also got OGI to stamp the BPY notes with the original ref.
  10. Thanks for your reply John - Yes it is OGI to OGI (broker acquisition and they have 2 separate branches whereas we have only one) and we are aware of the complexities in respect of the settings etc - may well be better to keep the two extra branches separate then drip feed onto one branch at renewal maybe? We realise policy modules etc will differ and just wondered if anyone had migrated, what actually happens if two clients have the same reference number? Will certainly keep you updated
  11. Hi Sandra Big question - and lots to consider. You haven't said, but I presume this is to do with an OGI to OGI transfer, with branches already on the same server? If so - and to help kick this off, top 5 tips below from me: Specification - Make sure you have a spec of what will - and what wont - be transferred Settings - Check that all your settings are the same. Many are branch independent and you really need to check all of these for future use. This includes source codes, exec codes, Database Reports, User Access authorities, Broker Record / Prospect record settings
  12. Has anyone here had a data migration done by OGI where 2/3 branches have merged and have any tips, comments or advice of what to expect? Thanks Sandra
  13. Hour and a half for us. Microsoft's Hyper-V doesn't leverage host CPUs very well at all.
  14. If you want to know who won this year in each category, follow the link below Insurance Times - Tech & Innovation Awards - 2020
  15. EXTENDED OFFER Even though "lock-down" has almost been confined to the history books, there's still lots of uncertainty across the UK Restrictions and limitations are impacting businesses every day and worse still, the uncertainty looks continue for a while yet Whether you need more knowledge or just better insight, at OneFiftyPercent we want to help as many Open GI brokers as we can If you want to re-boot your business or take away current system pains there is no better time than the "now" For help with any aspect of yo
  16. I don’t believe so as very specific criteria has to be set each time a purge is ran (at least in Live). Purging also has separate stages e.g. you have to purge ledger & diary before an actual policy/client record can be removed. For all I know there may be an overnight command for Prospect to purge quotes/prospects ‘marked for deletion’, however we review these first as anyone can press Esc K (and maybe doing so for the wrong reasons). Bottom Line, I feel nervous purging when doing manually, I would not like the idea of records disappearing from the system each nigh
  17. Hi I know there is a module in OGI for record purging is there any way that this can be automated does anyone know?. I am keen to have any information about this. Regards Mar
  18. Please find attached the Membership benefits for 2020 OGIUG Discounts 2020.pdf
  19. Thank you Mark for the info I have logged it with OGI and they are looking at it.
  20. Hi Mar - and welcome to the Forum! I think the issue is that the error message will be best investigated by OGI. I've never seen that one - but maybe some other live users may be able to assist. Other than checking the document filename / length of filename for the template and / or the trigger document - it would be best to log with OGI Sorry I cant help - but sometimes its just a program error! - Oh - do check you are on the latest Vs of OpenSuite products - and especially ALL client software (each PC) is also upto date - that often causes random issues like this (an
  21. Hi we are setting up ODC printing - the file reaches the server queue in OPM and file is shown there however the export part is not working . The document in OPM displays a X and the following into a ( "is an invalid expanded name , has anyone come across anything like this before and know what the issue might be. Thanks
  22. Public Service Announcement As an independent Consultant, I have over the last few weeks had calls from a number of brokers asking how they can operate best during the lock-down & how they can service customers more easily We all need to get through this together & one of the things I wanted to do in some way, was to help people across my networks - no strings attached So I'm launching an offer of a FREE phone call with REMOTE HELP covering any aspect of your OpenGI system and / or broker business functions. This also includes business related prod
  23. Great news - glad to hear some sense has been applied 🙂 I'll drop you a PM here as well - #thoughts
  24. Hi @Mark Sollis, We're going with getting a custom dev done for the deletion of access history records. Out account manager Phil Brown has done a good job getting the cost down. Just waiting on sign off internally right now. Fingers crossed that'll solve the problem for us. At least we can do full refreshes without it taking forever Hope you're all staying safe these days
  25. Hi James - any updates on this - really interested to see what the outcome was And FYI for anyone in the same position - I've actually defined the solution that actually works 🙂 - happy days! 😷
  26. Adding new fields does not (should not!) require a bulk insert. If it's the case that anyone needs to, then a fix is required from Open GI imho. The whole premise for th£ upgrad£ to IC "PLUS" was to solv£ the n££d for bulk ins£rts when - tables (frames) were added, fields were changed or, new VT entries made (insurers etc) We all have to demand the best solution and get OGI / help OGI to fix what is broken - otherwise it will never change and we will all be running bulk inserts everyday for the rest our lives - which is what we did before ICPlus was launched. #petpeeves
  27. Yep, first thing I have to do after adding new fields is run a bulk insert
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