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  1. If you want to know who won this year in each category, follow the link below Insurance Times - Tech & Innovation Awards - 2020
  2. December 2018 Welcome to Issue No.40 First off, let's start by acknowledging what a great year it has been for the User Group. We've improved again our relationship with the key operators within Open GI and at the same time been able to make a real difference to our Members. Our recent AGM saw us welcome in a new Vice-Chairman, Tracey Filtness of Coast Insurance. Tracey has been on the Committee for a number of years already and her knowledge, experience and cool head un
  3. Hi Peter - thanks for joining recently and sorry to hear you are having some issues replying to posts On investigation, this was in fact an incorrect setting for that particular Forum area and for registered users in the "Member" category This has now been corrected and you should be able to "reply" to your posts - and any other posts!! Thanks for spotting this one - and taking the time to raise with us. Happy days
  4. If this email doesn't look like it's displaying properly, view it here. OPEN GI USER GROUP AGM & MEMBERS' DAY The Annual General Meeting of the Open GI User Group will be held at the Hilton Reading Hotel, Drake Way, Reading, RG2 0GQ, on Wednesday, 10th October, 2018.
  5. Complete the poll above and let us know your initial thoughts on Mobius
  6. If this email does not appear to be displayed as intended, click here to view it online. May 2018 Welcome to Issue No.37 In this issue the Chairman brings you up to date with what has been happening on the GDPR Issue, we draw your attention to the current deadline for the implementation of IPIDs and provide a summary of the Minutes of our C
  7. GDPR ISSUE [Extract] Dear Member Thank you for the excellent response to our last minute Survey concerning the GDPR offering from Open GI. Having received your responses, we have been able to have an open and constructive conversation with Open GI about your thoughts and that of the Committee in respect of GDPR. It was highlighted to us that for the process of inserting the GD frame into Prospect, APM Pro is not a dependency. While we accept this is the case, there are still, in the opinion of the Committee, additional tasks which can b
  8. If you want to create your own Consent capture details - but don't know how to create a new data frame then this is for you. Whilst the information can be found within the Online Guides that Open GI produce, the User Group have produced a guidance video for your assistance - press the play button on the video below. Let us know if you find this useful - and any other topics you may want covered! How to create a data capture frame
  9. Hi Steve - sorry we missed you at the pre-event drinks ... Seems we were toooo busy prepping and not taking notice of Forum posts. Note to self for next time ... Hope you had a good day and some worthwhile sessions and thanks for your support and contributions! Admin
  10. admin

    Free Golf

    Hi Matt Give Barbara a call to arrange. Venues and dates are flexible!
  11. admin

    Free Golf

    PLEASE NOTE THIS OFFER WAS WITHDRAWN BY OPEN GI ON 26/06/2018 But you could still ask! Complimentary Golf available for User Group members! Register your interest as a pair or individual and we will get in touch to arrange a game with Open GI staff and/or Committee members Please note - You must be a full member of the Open GI User Group to be eligible for this event If you would like to know more about membership and all other benefits , please use the same contact information as below to register your interest
  12. Hi Karl - hope you are well. There doesn't appear to be an option to allow posts to be deleted by members - unless you are aware of where that setting is!! You should be able to "edit" your post - and therefore mark it as duplicate - or Mail the Admin - (me ) and we can delete If there is a way to delete own posts that would be good - let me know if you this is set somewhere in the list of 3,000 settings .... Thanks
  13. Well - I've spent a little time indulging my passion for trying to "fix everything" and seem to have made some progress 1) - Ordering The Forum topic ordering is now consistent and should order Topics by last post made (excl. How to Use The Forum) This keeps the "new stuff" on top for all main Forums and Topics. Not sure if this is now back to "how it was" - maybe Karl can come back and let me know if it seems better now? 2) - Fonts Fonts are still fun - maybe problems with the mobile app version. If anyone spots a connection SHOUT ME! 3) - New Items The new button "View New Con
  14. Hello Karl Yes - a few annoyances definately! Obviously following the upgrade things are a bit different and I've been trying to get to the bottom of this one for a few weeks now. Even if you "save" custome settings - this seems to be Forum specific so not sure if that's the only answer. There are some "Good" things as well - so usual swings and roundabouts - but defo on my "to-do" list. I'll post back here with any updates, let me know if you find anything else Thanks!
  15. Open GI have published some case studies which may be of interest to Forum members You can follow the link below - and post any comments here of course! Open GI Case Studies
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