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  1. Pssst - have you seen what my friend Lady Admin has been up to? Well, take a look at the Announcements in the Forums Now, if you are a Full Member, you can "upload files" within a post or a reply - which is amazing!! Sooooooooo useful - try it yourself - it's good good good. (Talking of uploads - dont forget to upload a profile piccie so everyone knows who you are - do it here - Profile Photo - come on dont be shy! )
  2. Psssst - Did You Know?! Some of you have been asking how to change the "automatic notification options". These are the emails or messages that come through to you when new Topics are started on the Forum or when someone replies to a comment made by you. This is controlled in your "Profile / Settings / Notification Options". You can see these settings here Your Settings In the notification options you can also define the frequency of notifictaion. Some of you have mentioned that if you set up daily notfications this can sometimes interrupt your beauty sleep - as they do come throug
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