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Community Answers

  1. Just thought, do you/they use Open Attach?
  2. I’ve done this many years ago. If you merge branches into one, bear in mind client/policy references which are already taken on the target branch will get a new number. Therefore, if you have direct debit with a finance provider such as Premium Credit, you may have to provide them with a cross reference list. We also got OGI to stamp the BPY notes with the original ref.
  3. I don’t believe so as very specific criteria has to be set each time a purge is ran (at least in Live). Purging also has separate stages e.g. you have to purge ledger & diary before an actual policy/client record can be removed. For all I know there may be an overnight command for Prospect to purge quotes/prospects ‘marked for deletion’, however we review these first as anyone can press Esc K (and maybe doing so for the wrong reasons). Bottom Line, I feel nervous purging when doing manually, I would not like the idea of records disappearing from the system each night etc. Sorry, I’ve not been much help!
  4. Yep, first thing I have to do after adding new fields is run a bulk insert
  5. Hi James I run the command run icptrans from the OGI server command prompt. If ever we have an issue such as missing frames (when new ones created) or scheme headers with spaces after them (when new ones have been added) etc. this is what OGI told me does a bulk insert which I understand to completely refresh the database. It literally takes around 15 minutes before Info Centre back up and okay.
  6. Even a bulk insert for me only takes around 15 minutes (and I thought our database was reasonably large).
  7. I’ve been asked this myself recently and don’t believe so (although Motorwriter is not my area of expertise on OGI).
  8. Hi Mark i don’t think there is one (I derive it by orig.debt - IPT.Amout)
  9. Hi Steve You should be able to generate emails via Database Enquiry. You would search with something like:- bpy.ptype Equal to pc BPY.Term.date Equal to BCM.Contactpref Equal to Email (Obviously add whatever parameters you need). Then select the 'Generate letters/diary notes/memos/emails' option; then 'Email Messages' Once you have entered 'Subject' etc. you will have different options on how to create the email body, I use a Word template. Obviously before any of the above you will have to setup an appropriate OpenWord template. Ideally for any batch printing/emailing you would use OpenDocumentCentre but dependant on the volumes you run at a time OPM should work. You will probably need to press 'send' on each email as they pop up though. Disclaimer: Always be careful when doing anything en masse! Test with a small number of dummy policies first! Remember, if you need any help with this - Mark Sollis is a consultant who offers such services. Kind regards Karl
  10. You should have #96 in Prospect Control so all new prospects are checked when created. You can also set under #97 to also check when converted. Also, #98 is where you set how often you want prospects rechecked during batch checks. We recheck all clients every 30 days.
  11. I usually take out and put back in, as Mark said, can be 'flakey' when editing. You can however remove the new else/endif and leave the existing ones in place.
  12. Hi Nigel As far as I am aware you should be regularly rechecking your book. To do this, you need to set the overnight batch sanctions check as part of your overnight process. You can set parameters you require in broker amendment (I think including max number of records to check per night/how often to recheck each client). Your second point should be irrelevant if you are running the rechecks as above. Thanks Karl
  13. Creditline + is really good, being able to process payment/allocate to OGI in one process is the main advantage to other solutions. In a previous life we even linked it to our phone system to fully cover PCI DSS compliance (client keyed in cc number so we did not have to pause record) - but that was fairy expensive to do at the time. You will get the odd blip when payment has gone through but not allocated to OGI but you will have access to an online portal to check payments received if get one which has supposedly failed.
  14. I tried to make my frame as 'user-friendly' as possible so made all the consent given/retracted dates auto populate based on when questions answered/changed.
  15. OpenDocumentCentre more than doubled the speed of our OpenWord printing. With ODC we can confidently batch generate/print hundreds of renewals at a time.
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