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  1. We were thinking to merge on our system but can well foresee a few issues 🙂
  2. not to any great extent so this shouldn't be a problem but thanks again
  3. Thank you Karl - I thought this was the case and good idea to stamp the notes!
  4. Thanks for your reply John - Yes it is OGI to OGI (broker acquisition and they have 2 separate branches whereas we have only one) and we are aware of the complexities in respect of the settings etc - may well be better to keep the two extra branches separate then drip feed onto one branch at renewal maybe? We realise policy modules etc will differ and just wondered if anyone had migrated, what actually happens if two clients have the same reference number? Will certainly keep you updated
  5. Has anyone here had a data migration done by OGI where 2/3 branches have merged and have any tips, comments or advice of what to expect? Thanks Sandra
  6. We need to buy a new network printer (with 2 bins) - does anyone have any suggestions? bearing in mind the cost of the toners and other supplies. We have used Lexmark for many years but the new replacement looks like being very expensive on toner supplies! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Sandra
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