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  1. If you want to include the logo in your email then I would have expected you to be able to set up an email template with this included in open attach ? If printing to a document - word / PDF then I cannot answer.
  2. Hi, it sounds as if you have already checked out the automated standard system options for " * Letter Generation" - although I must admit it has been years since I have had to look at it. The BROOMS system also offers - "Chaser Sequence Maintenance" for chasing - although by letter is maybe a tad old fashioned these days. An alternative method - You can also generate letters when setting up the transaction with a Date to be Sent ( print date in advance) and just print all unprinted letters on a daily basis.
  3. APM & BROOMS LETTERS Different keywords for each AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH WHY !!! Ok well I understand why from a computer technical point of view. However from a user point of view it is a right pain in the err document maintenance !!! OpenGI could if they wanted make it so letters would work from either brooks or APM to save us poor users much headache
  4. Many thanks. Did I mention.... its my birthday.... for real !
  5. Already raised ourselves with the Powerplace rep we had about 1 year back (thats 3 rep's ago!) . Basically they said FSA rules say they cannot put fee on schedule ! (?). I said well maybe but they could produce an addendum sheet which shows the total sum payable as a breakdown. Its really the Towergate Landlords policy that seems to have that problem and given the "interesting" endorsements applied we are not big fans of that product anyway The quote document does show fee however.
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