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  1. Interesting (and frank) interview from the great Thoughtworks when they spoke to Simon Badley, CEO at Open GI If you have or looking to buy into an Open GI system and want to know what on earth is going on at OGI Towers, give this one a watch. Click the video - or follow this link Well worth the 40m over a cup of tea - & in your comfy slippers ... 1883305331_OpenGIAcomfortablepairofslippers-SimonBadley.mp4
  2. LOL 😆 - I've heard their software called somethings, but never this! Anybody who is an entrenched OGI User would find Mobius falling short in lots of areas methinks and tbf - it's not meant as a replacement. I was told once, the answer to the question "what are the differences / what are the gaps?" was met with "It's irrelevant - they are different". Not sure that approach would ever win over any existing Core user
  3. Ooo - was this Mobius Rating Engine or just the cloud version of Core Admin Platform?
  4. Sorry Karl - wasn't suggesting a "better" version of the truth was available from OGI - just suggesting people can get the full story and pricing from Open GI. Their webinar will be a great opportunity to see this in the flesh - and the value for money in the proposition. X
  5. STOP PRESS GUYS!! Always good to get the latest position and full story from the horses mouth so to speak and get the correct version (and the most up to date version) of the truth. Registrations are now "open" for Open GIs Consent Page Webinar - it's all over Social Media. It will be an Open G-eye opener. So - register and attend on the day and make sure you get the full 3yr TCO numbers for real. While you are there - check what report output is being delivered in the standard price / package so you can analyse your customers preferences once you've got all that data collected. We would love to hear your views and feedback on this latest offering from Open GI - it looks amazing - what's not to like?
  6. Hi Paul Marc has it nailed in his reply - it's pretty straightforward so hope you can work it out from there. On-line guides reference is here More concerning that OGI Support couldn't help - Tsk Tsk. Possibly the case of them not understanding the question maybe? Similar operation to SSP I'm told. Aggy's hot tips are Do "NOT" put the chasers in the diary as well - as you then have to action twice - pointless if you are supposed to be "automating" the sequence. The last document needs a diary action entry however, so that you can take whatever "action" is needed on the record (Lapse, call etc etc) Keep it simple and do a few test runs on a test client Dont forget to close of the diary if you no longer want to send the chaser letters out! Good luck - I'm sure you will be pleased with your results Oh - and if you have any other feedback on SSP (good and not so good) I'm sure others would be interested too Thanks for your post!
  7. And its STILL not sorted SSP Outage More press coverage - but be warned - ".... It's not the supplier that's regulated, it's the broker" So who will the FCA come down on? Not LW that's #4sure NB - This applies to everything and everyone. It's YOUR Disaster Recovery Policy - no-one else's Sad but true Thoughts?
  8. And so it continues Now the public tech press are on the case See link here http://www.computerweekly.com/news/450303913/Insurance-brokers-count-cost-of-lost-business-as-SSP-SaaS-platform-outage-enters-second-week
  9. Oh how the other half live LMAO
  10. Aggy

    Free Golf

    Please can I be the caddy? - I hear they are well paid - Hehe!
  11. Hi Stella There are a few ways this can be done. As DaveB has said, if it is just for an email, then you will need to set up eMail templates / signatures from within Outlook. There may also be an option in OpenAttach to do the same if you have this You may also need the actual document produced by Open GI to have the "letter head" on the document. If so this can also be done in Open Print Manager settings / set-up , then this is also possible - but you may need OpenAttach as well. Not sure if you have those products - so maybe worth a chat with your friendly Open GI Account Manager
  12. Hi Mark - hope all's well with you ! Not entirely true IMHO - "exclusive mode" is not a pre-requisite for running the reports - only during full overnight processing (particularly for services such as InfoCentre / Web etc etc) So - as long as no one else is in the system you should be alright to run the reports - otherwise someone could post an accounts entry and cause a headache. The only guarantee of course is a reboot (which you could do remotely) but that throws you out anyway if you are connected to a Winlink Open-i session and you would need to make sure auto VDU start up is switched on In addition - Not an area of my expertise but - VPN & ILO is another answer - whatever they mean. As long as the system is up and you can get in then you are effectively on the lead screen and can reboot and use exclusive mode anyway etc etc - as if you were in the office. If its out of hours - and no one else is on or would go on the system then, reboot, auto start and run from home, wine in hand. If you are feeling realy flush - Open GI have an auto overnight Month End option for a few "K" which schedules itself in alongside backup / EDI / Refresh / etc. Then you dont even have to remote in and you can concentrate on "The Voice" instead - Yay Yay - JessieJ Other experiences, options and thoughts welcome.
  13. Old heads, young shoulders!
  14. I believe its a "RE" order process - I think on save to BROOMS from APM This is where frames can get into a right mess if you manually add or use Toolkit (when frames get added at end) just gets everything put right. Will need to check the detail on this but you get the gist ....
  15. Hi Simon Glad to have you on the Forum There are lots of paces you can look for help but unfortunately there is probably not a single reference source that will give you all you need! My suggestions are as folows (in chronological order) Look at some formalised trainingDirect from Open GI - They do a lot of courses and cover all the basic information you will need as well as further "Advanced" options once you are OK with the day to day proceses and tasks Training material is pretty good IMHO and will cover process, choices and reasons for doing certain things in a particular way [*]On-Line reference manuals Open GI publish their manual on-line. It is more of a Reference guide rather than a What or Why guide but is a good start for the basic information. You can register with the Open GI support site here and get access to the On-Line Guides as well as lots of other useful information such as Product Versions, release dates and system notices etc[*]Peer Group Clearly in Towergate you will have access to lots of other Open GI application developers and their experiences will be invaluable and probably more tuned to your business needs.[*]Suuport Desk The Open GI support centre offer some help and advice to all new users. Their contact details can be found on the support site link above[*]Open GI User Group If you are a member of the Open GI User Group then you will have access to other User Group members. Someone somewhere may have had similar questions and hopefully now have the right answers As a Full Member, you will also be able to access the whole of the Forum site and again, there will be lots of information available to help you understand how Open GI applications work and how best used Well that should keep you busy for a while. If you need any more information on where to go for more help, then please let us know. I'm sure our other Forum users will also have some good pointers and hopefully they will be posted here Good luck and hope all goes well!
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