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  1. Sorry Karl - wasn't suggesting a "better" version of the truth was available from OGI - just suggesting people can get the full story and pricing from Open GI. Their webinar will be a great opportunity to see this in the flesh - and the value for money in the proposition. X
  2. STOP PRESS GUYS!! Always good to get the latest position and full story from the horses mouth so to speak and get the correct version (and the most up to date version) of the truth. Registrations are now "open" for Open GIs Consent Page Webinar - it's all over Social Media. It will be an Open G-eye opener. So - register and attend on the day and make sure you get the full 3yr TCO numbers for real. While you are there - check what report output is being delivered in the standard price / package so you can analyse your customers preferences once you've got al
  3. Hi Mark - hope all's well with you ! Not entirely true IMHO - "exclusive mode" is not a pre-requisite for running the reports - only during full overnight processing (particularly for services such as InfoCentre / Web etc etc) So - as long as no one else is in the system you should be alright to run the reports - otherwise someone could post an accounts entry and cause a headache. The only guarantee of course is a reboot (which you could do remotely) but that throws you out anyway if you are connected to a Winlink Open-i session and you would need to make sure auto VDU start up is swit
  4. Hi Simon Glad to have you on the Forum There are lots of paces you can look for help but unfortunately there is probably not a single reference source that will give you all you need! My suggestions are as folows (in chronological order) Look at some formalised trainingDirect from Open GI - They do a lot of courses and cover all the basic information you will need as well as further "Advanced" options once you are OK with the day to day proceses and tasks Training material is pretty good IMHO and will cover process, choices and reasons for doing certain things in a particular
  5. I might steal your profile photo as my new "press photo". I have been asked for one you know..........!

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