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  1. Thank you Mark & Diarmuid, I will contact our Open GI Account Manager and see what response I get.. Clare
  2. Is there any further feedback on this please. I am trying to obtain further details of the Escrow Agreement for my director and have sent a request to the User Group via the website over a month ago but not had any response. Thanks Clare
  3. Hi Steve We use RWA Aviva Development Zone to undertake training modules which also logs our CPD and we can produce reports from this if needed. This does obviously come at a cost. I am not sure if we need to submit any information to the FCA though as I don't get directly involved in this side of things. Clare
  4. Thank you very much for your response Kate. Apologies for my delayed thanks, but I have just returned to the office after 6 weeks off. Once I catch up with everything I will have a proper look at your response and come back to you if I need to. Thanks once again.
  5. Thanks very much for your reply Mark. I will look further into this, however I was hoping in the User Group there might be someone who does use VC and would therefore be able to reply based on their actual experience of using this. There seems to be very little activity on here from members of the Use Group these days, I guess we are all busier than ever.....
  6. Sorry if this is long winded, but are there any users who use Open Word/Open Print Manager with Virtual Cabinet please? At present when using Open Word, we save the word documents from Open Word 'manually' to Virtual Cabinet (so that we can then go into Virtual Cabinet to edit the word document if necessary) and we then send the Open Word Document separately to Open Print Manager for printing/emailing etc. We are currently in the process of looking into upgrading our Virtual Cabinet, so that when we press 'Print' in Open Print Manager the document is automatically indexed to Virtual
  7. We currently use the Worldpay online card payment facility which is becoming more and more expensive. We are exploring other avenues available including Open GI's own offering (I believe Creditline Plus). Can anyone that is using the Open Gi offering please give us any feedback. Also anyone using an outsourced facility other than Worldpay, who do you use? Thanks :-)
  8. Hi Marc I have tried following your guide with regards to getting the IPID to print duplex but it has not worked. I am not sure what I have done wrong. I have attached a screen print of the command I have used, would you be kind enough to take a look and give me more guidance please? Thanks IPID Printing.docx
  9. Thanks Marc, I will have a look at this. When I raised the query within Open Gi originally they just simply told me that 'Open Print manager does not support duplex printing of Open Word Documents' which seems very antiquated to me. Thanks for your support once again.
  10. Thank you Marc, I think that's exactly what I need. We have duplex printing configuration set up on Open Gi for our printers so I now just need to go to the relevant Broker Amendment pages and put the duplex command in with the ,lp: On a separate note don't suppose you have any work around for printing Open Word documents via OPM in duplex? At the moment we have to open them up manually and then choose to print them 2 sided rather than just use the print functionality in OPM. Thanks once again, you've been a great help.
  11. Please can anyone help. My understanding is that we can only print IPID documents using Open Print Manager (or Open Document Centre which we do not have). Please can anyone therefore tell me how they are getting round the option of duplex printing such documents without opening them all individually from the Open Print Manager menu and printing them individually. We print our personal lines renewal invitations, as I am sure others do, in batches, not individually. Thanks
  12. Apologies, we are behind the times but hoping that those that have been using Add-on marketplace for a number of years may be able to help. I am currently looking to introduce Add-on Marketplace into our Personal Lines team. From my understanding add-ons created via add-on marketplace will be created on level 2 as a New Business every year and automatically marked as non-renewable, whether they are actually new business or a renewal. This means that when a client has been with us a number of years we will have umpteen level 2's for add-ons such as Legal Expenses & Breakdown,
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