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  1. Hi All, Who are you using or how are you logging your CPD? We are a 3 person Broker office and each have over 25yrs experience but I appreciate we have to complete Min. 15hrs of CPD per year and that this has to be submitted to FCA. The outsourcing companies seem to charge a fortune and so any recommendations? Steve
  2. Afternoon All, I assume, like me, you have begun to receive info from insurers relating to green car issuing for motor policies pre & post Brexit. My question is, I assume I need to contact all with a motor policy and advise them that the EU coverage on their cert will possibly be invalid on their certs. Is there a way that I can send a "Group" email mailshot to all clients (obviously observing GDPR) for those that have requested email cores. and a letter to each client that has preferred post? What I am trying to get at is other than going into each clients diar
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