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  1. Hour and a half for us. Microsoft's Hyper-V doesn't leverage host CPUs very well at all.
  2. You might be able to do it via Brooms letters. I don't even know what system letter you mean. One way to do it, is to append a frame onto the end of the Policy Amendment chain. The frame having a "Yes / No" field, from that trigger you can then use "INIT-LETTER" https://www.opengi.co.uk/support/onlineguides/#Subsystems/CoreSchemeToolkit/Creating_A_Diary_Entry_Using_WRITE-DIARY.htm Frames and keywords for Motor Writer is here.
  3. Is everyone confident that they have purged the old data, which they should not be retaining? For example, a policy that can only have a claim against it two years after it was taken out versus one where a child might be injured and claim 15+ years later.
  4. It is possible to write a Batch calc that can do pretty much anything to any keyword, for example, we moved a book to another agent by running through all policies and where it matched the old Exec it put in the new one. As such, one could write a calc to find a very specific entry by PolRef in the ledger with a specific transaction type and alter the figure in a particular keyword. Make sure you are very comfortable with Batch Calcs because if you don't have this calc spot on, you can end up changing all transactions of that type to that figure, for example.
  5. Use InfoCentre Select * From ic_brcledger Order By B@, Dt_Settled Select * From ic_brcashhist
  6. Have you looked at competitors' websites to see what they state they will be doing about it?
  7. I do like that Azure is integrating Linux. The datacentre does sound amazing. However, my top concern is that OGI can not guarantee a connection between our offices and the datacentre. (Understandably not feasible). If you had iGels / dumb terminals that connected directly to the cloud and your firewall, switch or internet connection has a fault then you could end up being completely unable to do anything until it is resolved. Personally, I always want the most redundant solution; local servers synchronising with cloud.
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