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  1. Hi. I'm not sure if I've made this up, but I seem to think there is a report I can run that tells me what proportion of business we write is sent out via email or post. But I have no idea where to find it. Any suggestions? Thanks Mark
  2. Hi. We are a high volume, small premium, personal lines operation and currently invite all our invites manually. This involves doing a batch print of all due renewals, manually loading the premium and rebroking those that need be. We then do another batch print to generate letters to be sent out. We anticipate that 75% of all renewals could be automatically processed with no adjustment. What we would like to do is automate as much of this as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this without spending nearly £32K on what OGI are quoting to automate it. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks for your responses. So I've been chatting to our office manager and have come up with the following ideas: 1) Automatically sending client data for breakdown and key care sales to the insco. 2) Automatically chasing client for mileage reading, agreed value, POB, licence etc and having a web portal for clients to input them via. 3) Creating APM records from marketing emailers sent out and responded to. Looks like it could be a handy bit of kit.
  4. We are looking at general upgrades and xStream has come up. My understanding is that most businesses use it to facilitate 2-way aggregator based calculations. I'm more interested in the statement on the fact sheet that says 'Enables marketing lists to be easily imported making the creation of records an automated process.' Does anyone use it for this or any other applications, as it seems like to could be really useful - I just haven't completely worked out what for! Thanks Mark
  5. Hi I want to run the month/year end from the comfort of my sofa with a glass of wine and salty nibbles while the dearest watches all the high quality reality/talent shows we are deluged with on Saturday night. But another partner in the business reckons the OGI system must be in exclusive mode to run the month/year end. (This creates problems with the last person out putting it into exclusive mode and first person in taking it out). Is this the case? Are there any other considerations and how does everyone else do it? At the moment one of us is staying over to baby sit the report
  6. For all those potential new users out there (including me!), what are your suggestions, thoughts and comments on Active Quote? Note: Active Quote allows you to set rules to govern price and rating criteria for web based quote systems. Did it do what you expected? Was it cost effective and allow you to focus on specific business? What impact internally did it have on your business?
  7. Agree completely. The site engineers are a credit to the organisation. The difficult and painful bit is the process and cost of getting them there!
  8. APM is at best a very basic lead collection tool. It is a long, long way off anything like a commercial prospect database such as Act or Goldmine. Basic facilities it should have are: Prioritising a lead Allocating and swap leads between staff Alarms for certain times and days - pop up reminder boxes Click a button to email a client directly Allow email templates to be created Easy access to diary without having to access diary, then client then EscO again I'm sure there's loads more.
  9. I have voted OK which is mainly due to the excellent service we recently received when the hard disk crashed on our SBS server. However, some issues have fallen off the radar and on a development request I have been asked the same question 4 times now from the same person.....
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