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If you are not yet a member of the Open GI User Group, you can apply via the Application form on the link below and complete the on-line form


Application Form


- or write to the User Group Administrator at the address below


Member Enquiries

Open GI User Group

c/o Hollingsworth & Co Ltd
Coppice House
Halesfield 7


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Updated Form and Contact details
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    • I was discussing measures to guard against ransomware with an OGI support member.  Hosts of virtual machines are not safe.   They had a client a few weeks ago, where the ransomware managed to get into the hosts (plural) and it destroyed the vhdx files (what a virtual machine is stored in). In a lot of instances, with limited access, more ports closed on the host and so forth, you would be inclined to believe that they are safe and only the virtual, more "public access" machines would be affected to different degrees.   I am now looking into making a Linux host, so that backup snapshots of a virtual machine will be safe and can easily be fired up for emergency cases.
    • I don't use Linked In. Good post. My colleague had that all the time, would ask OGI support, "How do I do this?" and would receive the answer, "It can't be done." A week later they would go back to OGI with, "This is how you do it."   Now they don't even bother to log tickets with OGI. If OGI cared and had enough staff to put more time into working these things out with my colleague, then they would have an over all better product and better service.
    • Not 24 hrs before your post! A despairing mini-rant criticising the very response you received. Feel free to add a real life instance on there - Typical Standard Response Warning 
    • Latest response from OGI:   My response:   I don't know why development did half a job of it in the first place and that getting this on their enhancement wishlist is such an uphill battle. Anyone else want to log a similar request and join the chorus?  
    • Oh, they are. They only want the yellow liquid someone else is giving them because they were convinced, somehow, that it is lemonade. 😼
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