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Prize Draw Winners

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At our Members Day on 26th June 2013, at The Hilton London Stansted Airport Hotel, the following Prize Draws were held:-


                 (i)  £500 Discount off Open GI Software

                (ii)  £50 M&S Voucher for members providing their up-dated email addresses


£500 Discount off Open GI Software


We are pleased to announce that the £500 Discount off Open GI Software has been won by Mr. Matthew Durrant, Smith & Pinching GIS Limited.


Mr. Matthew Durrant, IT Director, Smith & Pinching GIS Limited said:  “As a member we have found the Forum to be very useful in sharing problems with other members as well as gaining useful tips.”


£50 M & S Voucher


The Prize Draw for the £50 M&S Voucher for members providing their up-to-date email addresses was won by Mr. Mike Darling, Aston Scott Limited.


Mr. Mike Darling, IT Director, Aston Scott Limited, commented:  “The benefits we obtain from being a member is always being kept informed of latest developments and future enhancements.”



On behalf of everyone at the Open GI User Group - Congratulations



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At our AGM on 7th October, 2013, the Prize Draw for a Free Consultancy Day was held and we are pleased to announce that this has been won by Mr. Colin Leech from Concorde Insurance Brokers Limited.


Colin Leech, Director, Concorde Insurance Brokers Limited commented: "In this technological age it is absolutely vital that we are kept abreast of latest developments and up-grades to enable us to keep pace with our competitors and to this extent we benefit considerably from being a member of the Open GI User Group.  We are also pleased to take advantage of the discounts afforded."


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We are pleased to announce that at our AGM on 8th October, 2014, the Prize Draw for a Free Consultancy Day was held and has been won by Mr. Howard Coleman from H.S. Coleman Limited.


Howard Coleman, Managing Director, H.S. Coleman Limited commented: “It was a very nice surprise to hear that we had won the Free Consultancy Day. 


As a small broker I greatly value the work that the User Group conducts on our behalf and I know that a lot of the improvements to the system are as a result of representations made by the User Group to Open GI.  Without this group I am not sure we would have had as many of the enhancements to the system that we have seen over the past few years.


Winning the prize will give us the opportunity to assess what parts of the system we are not using that might, if used, help improve the running of our business.


Please convey my thanks to everybody for the great work they do for the User Group over the course of the year.”



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At our AGM on 15th October, 2015, the Prize Draw for a Free Consultancy Day was held and we are pleased to announce that this has been won by Mr. Stuart Richardson from Robert Nott Insurance.


Stuart Richardson, Director, Robert Nott Insurance commented: “As a member of the User Group since its inception in the 1980’s, I am well aware that my company has gained hugely from the input into development of the system by the Group, ensuring that it does what we require it to do, rather than what a ‘techie’ thinks it should.


Please continue to keep up the good work.”

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We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Christmas Prize Draw for a Free Consultancy Day worth £750 has been held and has been won by Mr. Paul Scott, Ian Brown General Insurance Brokers Limited.


Paul Scott, Director, Ian Brown General Insurance Brokers Limited commented:  “Ian Brown General Insurance Brokers Ltd have supported the Open GI User Group for many years and have always benefited from tips and advice that they regularly publish. The User Group has also provided solutions and assistance with problems we have had over the years and we benefit from the re-assurance that they are working on the behalf of all users, to promote issues that are raised and are bought to the attention of Open GI. This has brought about many improvements to the Open GI system.”


There is also the added security of belonging to a group which has users’ best interests at heart. “

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    • Just wondering if any of the current members have previously been using Virtual Cabinet, and which originally was Invu provided by Linden House.   It is only relatively recently that Open GI have come up with Open Attach but there is an issue in transferring data.   If anyone is still using Virtual Cabinet which evolved from Invu and Linden House, could they let me know whether they had any issues with Open GI and printing.    Thanks
    • Hi Andrew   I do have a copy - but you can get them / best to get latest copy from the support site - presumably you have a registered account??   Just go to the link here RMAR Reports and Spreadsheet   Any problems come back and let me know!
    • Hi   I am new to OGi and not sure how the system deals with the FCA required Client Money Calculation. A previous post mentioned a OGI PDF document detailing the reports to get the numbers and apparently there is a spreadsheet to input all the numbers as well.   Is anyone able to forward the PDF and spreadsheet or provide assistance please.   Thanks
    • Hi Carol - good to see you here - there's plenty of people that can help!   This is the only official Open GI User Group Forum although there is a User Group Web Site too at this link   This Forum is fairly active with lots of contributions to questions raised - but of course not everyone uses this everyday - but as an active Forum, you will probably get answers fairly quickly! Post away in the relevant section and I'm sure you will get the help you need.    @Ian_Danby is still active, has access to this Forum and maybe you can contact him for assistance with your queries - he's really good!!   When you need it - here's a link to other resources that others have found really useful Open GI Resource and Info   Keep in touch - we're all here to help   Regards - Mark
    • I have been using Misys & Open GI since 1986 and have been a member of the Open User Group for many years. Is this the current Open GI User Group forum?  Does everyone use it? It would be great to throw some questions out there eg: why are we rebroking all broker direct and midas personal lines renewals every year? How do we update our Level one Client master frame to include the VIP code for vulnerable persons? How do we streamline our renewal letters and new business letters? I remember Ian Danby coming out to put on the Demands & Needs letter which we are still using today! Open GI are brilliant but they always refer you to the user manual which is very confusing! If there is anyone out there who would like to respond that would be great!
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