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Suggestions on making the renewal invitation process slicker?



Hi. We are a high volume, small premium, personal lines operation and currently invite all our invites manually. This involves doing a batch print of all due renewals, manually loading the premium and rebroking those that need be. We then do another batch print to generate letters to be sent out. We anticipate that 75% of all renewals could be automatically processed with no adjustment.


What we would like to do is automate as much of this as possible.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this without spending nearly £32K on what OGI are quoting to automate it.




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Hi Mark


Being as I have built the majority of our personal line products using Scheme Toolkit they are mostly fully automated. We run batchcalcs which amend NCB, index link (if applicable), apply new endorsements (again where applicable) and of course raise the renewal transactions.


We then do what you do as in use Client Letter Print to print them out en masse.


Kind regards



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Hi,  it sounds as if you have already checked out the automated standard system options for         "  * Letter Generation"  - although I must admit it has been years since I have had to look at it.


The BROOMS system also offers -     "Chaser Sequence Maintenance"  for chasing - although by letter is maybe a tad old fashioned these days.


An alternative method - You can also generate letters when setting up the transaction with a  Date to be Sent (  print date in advance) and just print all unprinted letters on a daily basis.

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