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Letter Suites - FCA Compliance



Can I ask how members manage their standard letters - demands and need statements etc.


OGI standard letter suite is terrible, we actually paid a third party consultancy for a suite of compliant letters which included frame calculations etc some years ago but these are now becoming outdated and the company concerned (Infractus) are no longer doing them. I've managed to update some but there's only so far my OGI skills go with the limited time I have to work on them.

We are members of Broker Network who provide word templates but you then have to go into each word letter and delete sentences and paragraphs to personal them. Seems very labour intensive nowadays.



Jon Griggs

Howard Insurance

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Hi Jon


Are you using Open Word?  That would certainly be the easiest way to do it.


If you have templates from Broker Network, could you not put keyword commands in to help you automate the process?


The User Group's Member Day this year has some advice sessions on using Open Word if that might help.



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Hi Marc,


We aren't using Open Word at present but I've realised it is the way forward and have started to look at converting the letters to word, the thought of how long it will take has put me of somewhat. I just can't believe there's no one out there that doesn't provide a service of this sort to OGI users!


I've received the email regarding the Members Day, will give it some serious thought about attending.




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