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Is there a keyword for tracing payments accepted on the system ?


I am looking to do a Database Enquiry which will find all transactions with an effective date after the 06/04/2015 where we received a payment towards the premium between the 07/04/2015 to 30/04/2015.


Thanks for any assistance.

Kind regards

Tim Bush

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Hi Tim


Assume you're using Database Enquiry.


Try BTX.Pay.dt which is the date that payment is assigned to the transaction.


In DBE, if you're using Open-i, choose "Transactions".  On the Keyword choice, type BTX and TAB and it'll show you the BTX frame where the keyword appears at the top.


Hope that helps.


All the best



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Hi Marc


Thank you very much for replying.


Yes I am using database enquiry, but are on the old Brooms version and not Open-i but that's not a problem.


Would you know the keyword for pulling off the amount paid, tried using BTX.samt but everything was £0.00. So if this makes sense it is the date and amount showing on a cashbook that I am looking to find and total up.


Best regards,

Tim Bush

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    • There will be issues whichever way - so you need to pick the right way for you at get it right first time.   In short - and from experience  on both sides - I'd say transfer now to your server, as separate branches. This may involve some logistics for connectivity (I don't know your set-up) but on the face of it - is better than running multiple servers and multiple business processes. You'll thank yourself in the long run   Moving / migrating / transferring / consolidating to one branch - on the same server - is far, far easier to manage once the data is on one platform. Trust me on this.
    • We were thinking to merge on our system but can well foresee a few issues 🙂  
    • not to any great extent so this shouldn't be a problem but thanks again  
    • Sorry Sandra - Are you planning to merge the branches on THEIR system - or merge and migrate to your server?   The first is as everyone has said above - the latter is potentially a whole new world of complexity - x 10!
    • Just thought, do you/they use Open Attach?
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