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Is APM really a Prospect Database ?



Come on lets have some input into this one, it may even become a rant !!


APM was supposed to be "Advanced Prospect Management", and as the name suggests, "Prospects", i.s so you could build up a database of prospects, and quotes you had done and not converted.


And while it still does retain non converted quotes, it has become in my opinion a "Business Processing Tool", escpecially as tehe regulation module was nailed onto the back of it !!


I just think that with so many mismatched records, duplicates, and basic "crap" in APM , then you cannot actively use APM as a prospect marketing tool.


Or am I just moaning again !!







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APM is at best a very basic lead collection tool. It is a long, long way off anything like a commercial prospect database such as Act or Goldmine. Basic facilities it should have are:


Prioritising a lead

Allocating and swap leads between staff

Alarms for certain times and days - pop up reminder boxes

Click a button to email a client directly

Allow email templates to be created

Easy access to diary without having to access diary, then client then EscO again


I'm sure there's loads more.

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