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Replacement printer




Can anyone recommend a reliable/robust printer ?

We have been MSP users since 1/4/2016 and find our existing printer struggles to print documents some of the time, not all the time strangely!! I think it would be a good idea to get a new one and keep current as a back up.



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Hi Sandra


We have a  DataSharp combined copier, printer, scanner and fax, with PaperCut software, which tracks who uses what on the printer and provides costs of the printer by user.  This has helped us not only save money on printing costs, after 2 years its never broken down and we've saved a shed load in costs.


We used a company called Buyers Buddy, who got us out of the existing contracts we were under and got us an excellet deal, if you are interested, please contact:-


Alan Hale

Tel. No.: 0118 988 7474

Email    : alanhale@buyersbuddy.org

web      : www.buyersbuddy.org


All the best


Matthew Finch

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We have stayed with HP. HP602 (603) . Most reliable printer we have owned double sized output hopper.

H3015 is a standard workhorse for normal depts. Also never breakdown.


You can tell if printer are reliable if the printer service company throw in the printer contract for free.

We only see the engineers for the Canon MFD's we have.

Has anyone programmed a Canon MFD for OpenGI  by the way?

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    • Hi Claire,   We took on INVU back in 2008 and still use it today in its Virtual Cabinet guise. No issues with printing from VC whether that be to network printers or pdf and there are also options to send from VC to email which can be useful.    Overall, we remain very happy with VC so have seen no real advantage to move over to OpenAttach.   One little issue is we never managed to get the automatic indexing / filing of standard OGI/OpenWord letters and emails into VC. We just click a few buttons to file them manually.   Happy to chat through further if you wish - I will be at the Members day this coming Thursday    Darren
    • Hi @Clare Carter   I probably cant advise on day to day use / issues, but may be able to help although not sure of your question   Are you still on Virtual Cabinet (VC) and how are you trying to print on OGI - and what / where from   Also - I'm pretty sure there are minimal issues with transferring to OpenAttach - what are the concerns there?  
    • Just wondering if any of the current members have previously been using Virtual Cabinet, and which originally was Invu provided by Linden House.   It is only relatively recently that Open GI have come up with Open Attach but there is an issue in transferring data.   If anyone is still using Virtual Cabinet which evolved from Invu and Linden House, could they let me know whether they had any issues with Open GI and printing.    Thanks
    • Hi Andrew   I do have a copy - but you can get them / best to get latest copy from the support site - presumably you have a registered account??   Just go to the link here RMAR Reports and Spreadsheet   Any problems come back and let me know!
    • Hi   I am new to OGi and not sure how the system deals with the FCA required Client Money Calculation. A previous post mentioned a OGI PDF document detailing the reports to get the numbers and apparently there is a spreadsheet to input all the numbers as well.   Is anyone able to forward the PDF and spreadsheet or provide assistance please.   Thanks
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