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Hi , first post for me, hope I'm in the right place ??


There used to be a number of self employed consultants up and down the country who could assist with Brooms letters etc. Are there any similar experts for open Word ? I want to migrate my letter templates from Brooms to Open Word. But despite praying every night, it has not happened !?  I am not complying with the new FCA 'transparency' for consumer renewals and have reached the conclusion that I must pay someone to come in and assist me with the task as I think this will be more cost effective. Does any one know of any person who could assist ? Open Gi do not offer this service anymore.


I have in mind writing the basis of the letter (using Broker network templates etc) and then getting expert help with the formatting, keywords, calcs, 'if' clauses and making the letter live in back office.


Happy to pay a consultant or an expert from another brokerage to get me started, probably need a full day to start with - I am in Epsom.




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Hi Alan - hope all is well at Grayside!


There are a few Consultants across the UK and I'm sure most will be able to assist. I've spent some time with a number of brokers recently in a similar position and if it's something I can help you with then happy to have an initial call to understand the details. I'll ping you an email with my contact info.






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