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Keywords into Email



Following the Open GI User training, we have put our renewal letter into Tables, all works fine on word letters.

However when we pull the template into Email, all is working other than the renewal premium

the code we are currently using for the calculation is btx.orig.debt     

the annual premium which is a bpy is working in the email.    

your help would be appreciated

KR   Lesley and Kate   from Meadons Insurance Brokers

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Hi Lesley - hope you are well


Have you tried using the BLT alternatives?


Always tricky on which should be used (BTX/BLT) - and depends on when / where the letter (mail) request is initiated. But if it's OK in a letter - it should be OK in the mail - you would like to think ... 


The on-line guides confusingly use both types in the examples - but I cant find the recommended options / reasons / guidelines which are documented in there somewhere!


Try BLT options but if not, come back and I'll have another look on the systems and get you a definitive answer - if I can :)


Otherwise Marc PB - the maestro of OpenWord - may need to jump in 


Let me now 




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Thanks Mark and hi there Lesley and Kate


My first question is where is the e-mail being initiated from?


If it's anywhere other than the Transaction itself, the BTX and BLT related original debt won't work properly because it needs to know which one it's looking for.


Obviously, this does make it a pain when trying to attach Renewal Schedules from OpenPrintManager.  I'm looking into ways around it.  I'll keep you posted.

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On ‎18‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 23:24, karl said:

Pretty sure I had this issue when letters not printed directly from transaction and resolved it with code selecting BTX records. Will check Monday and feedback.

Yeah, I just looked and I created a back office doc with a Calculations box in it containing:-


select btx find last where


[BTX.Trantype] eq "r"


[YCT.Date2] is [BTX.Dt.raised]

[YCT.Var1.2] is [BTX.orig.debt]


Then just include as text document within your OpenWord template and set the YCT variable as needed to display latest renewal transaction info.


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