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Auto update Level 1 Address detail





Does anyone know if there is an option to prevent the EDI system auto updating the Client Master Level 1 address details to the correspondence address within the EDI policy at renewal?


We have some historic EDI cases on the same Client master and want to retain the mailing address we have physically entered in BROOMS.




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Hi Darren 


There is a setting in BrokerLink to control how you update the Client record detail following an MTA - not sure on Rnls though ....:huh:


Check the On-Line-Guides link here and look for "Update Level 1 at MTA" - I believe it's a "global" setting - so all or nothing I'm afraid .....


Don't use EDI in anger generally - so happy to be corrected - but the above may give you some inspiration / options :rolleyes: 


Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mark,


I had previously looked in BrokerLink control and it already had the ' update Level 1 at MTA' flagged 'No'.


I'm wondering if it could be linked to APM? - that said, I can't see anything in the 124 options within Prospect Control that may be the culprit.:( Plus it's hard to replicate in a test environment without mucking up live EDI cases.


It's not a mega urgent issue, so I'll see if anyone else on the forum can point me in the right direction before logging a support request.


Have a good day:D



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Hi Darren - yes - it's all a bit cloudy re the EDI Renewals processing. Some would even say it's an outrage to update "your" client data which is nothing to do with the EDI record.


I'm pretty sure there will be an option somewhere - Get it logged anyway for reference - and hopefully meanwhile see if anyone else here can offer practical advice from the actual EDI userbase.


Would be good to share the options if there are any :)


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