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Print Manager Print Time



We are now using OpenWord/Attach/Print Manager.

It takes around 40 seconds from hitting the Print button to getting the printout.

It's a long time so how does everyone organise their time to fill in.

Looking for suggestions to provide to staff to encourage use of Open Word documents apart from make a cup of tea and go for a cigarette :) 

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We send all items to open print manager and then go on with next piece of work and print all at post time.


if you have a lot of sub documents / nested if then statements in your letter it will slow the process down as far as I know.



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I am assuming that you may be a larger company than we are and therefore need a print/post room.

In most cases, we need to print out documents straight away as customers may be waiting.

Our chaser letters are done through the OPM queue which is not a problem, its just the speed at which a document is available when you need a document immediately. On the old Broom system, the documents are printed and waiting in seconds.

At the moment, I am concentrating on creating OW documents for those where any time delay in not a problem, such as chaser letters or renewal letters where documents can be batched up while the letter is being printed.

I have spoke with OpenGi and they have agreed that it will take the time it seems to be taking due to data being converted and transmitted between OpenGi/Word/Citrix but that this is a trade off against a better presented document and that we need to look at ways of adapting hence this post. 

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Hi Mike - you are correct in that OpenWord takes longer to generate and print - as you say - a trade off for a "more friendly" way of setting up template documents 


Not much you can do to reduce the time taken - so perhaps need to get creative with the dead time between "request" and "print"


GDPR reading anyone ....?

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