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Clare Carter


Please can anyone help.

My understanding is that we can only print IPID documents using Open Print Manager (or Open Document Centre which we do not have).

Please can anyone therefore tell me how they are getting round the option of duplex printing such documents without opening them all individually from the Open Print Manager menu and printing them individually.

We print our personal lines renewal invitations, as I am sure others do, in batches, not individually.


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I am glad there is not just me sat rocking in a corner spitting venom !.


I don't believe you can !: grrrrr


It is going to cause us no end of extra work, plus you cannot automate the printing of it, for example if you produce a quote letter, you have to reply on the operator to "remember" to print it or e mail it.



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Hi Clare


So, if I'm reading you right, you're;

  • producing the IPID from the quote system and sending it to OpenPrintManager, via print code "cpq:"
  • you're having to deal with that as 2 pages of single sided paper.
  • You want to have those IPID's go duplex to utilise a single sheet of paper.

If that's the problem, I do have a solution for you (and Phil, although I think he's still avoiding OPM and ODC!).


We have 4 virtual printers setup on Open GI for each physical printer.  These tend to follow A for Personal Lines, B for Admin, C for Commercial and so on.


Within that, we have 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Namely;

  1. Single sided portrait
  2. Duplex portrait (long edge)
  3. Single sided landscape
  4.  Duplex landscape (short edge)

So, it'll always defaulting to 1, so for example, it'll go to A1 as single sided, but the following print prompt;




gives a duplex IPID.  You can also automate the printing itself but going to the following and saving the print prompt (you need the configuration first though).  It'll put it into OPM or ODC in the client file you would expect it in.


Brokerlink Control/Maintenance > Amend Broker Details > page 2 (it's at the bottom)

Homewriter EDI > Broker Control Details > it's on the right near the top

Bikewriter EDI > Amend Broker Details > it's at the bottom

Truckwriter POS > Broker amendment > page 2, about halfway down


If you need to arrange the printer configuration, then I'm afraid it's a call to OGI and it IS a chargable change to the system from an Engineer (but it can be done remotely).


Apologies for the length of response but it is possible, just not easy!

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Thank you Marc, I think that's exactly what I need. We have duplex printing configuration set up on Open Gi for our printers so I now just need to go to the relevant Broker Amendment pages and put the duplex command in with the ,lp:


On a separate note don't suppose you have any work around for printing Open Word documents via OPM in duplex? At the moment we have to open them up manually and then choose to print them 2 sided rather than just use the print functionality in OPM.  


Thanks once again, you've been a great help.

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Hi Clare


Not too sure why you would have a problem with OpenWord documents being in duplex?


Normally, it's down to the actual default Printer settings themselves on your Windows Server or the individual client PC's.  If the documents in OpenWord are supposed to be double sided, then OPM shouldn't stop it happening.


Go to the "Printer Preferences" and set it for duplex long edge.


However, if you choose "Quick Print" it sometimes decides to ignore everything!  Always choose "Print" and specify the printer unless it's the default anyway.


Let me know if you encounter any problems.

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Hi Clare


Oh OGI, how funny are you guys...


They have no idea what supports what.  They've created what is basically an incredibly flexible system but because we can all do different things, they just go back to "not supposed to do that".  In the defence of the Support team, they "support" the designed processes of the system, so if it's a useful "mistake" in coding, they'll not get involved.


OpenPrintManager isn't designed to support anything really, it's just a glorified print queue.  It'll do whatever Core (Brooms) or Windows tells it to.  That's why proposal forms print off single sided normally along with printouts etc.  


In simple terms, OpenWord letters obey Windows rules and Brokerlink (prop's etc) obey OGI rules.

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