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Prospect - Proposal Form

Mark Hallam


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17 hours ago, Mark Hallam said:

Is it possible to produce a Proposal Form or SoF in prospect without having to create a record in Core?


Which line of business Mark?


MotorWriter works differently to Home/Truck/Bike


You can always create your own of course - for any LOB - but not sure if that's what you are asking?

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Hi Mark


Pretty sure Motor can be produced from APM - but Home needs a record in Core back office. It's the crazy world of OGI quirks I'm afraid - a result of some poor decision making a long while ago


If I'm off the mark, or there are some alternatives, I'm sure someone will post up some options




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You might be able to do it via Brooms letters. I don't even know what system letter you mean.


One way to do it, is to append a frame onto the end of the Policy Amendment chain. The frame having a "Yes / No" field, from that trigger you can then use "INIT-LETTER" 




Frames and keywords for Motor Writer is here.

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    • There will be issues whichever way - so you need to pick the right way for you at get it right first time.   In short - and from experience  on both sides - I'd say transfer now to your server, as separate branches. This may involve some logistics for connectivity (I don't know your set-up) but on the face of it - is better than running multiple servers and multiple business processes. You'll thank yourself in the long run   Moving / migrating / transferring / consolidating to one branch - on the same server - is far, far easier to manage once the data is on one platform. Trust me on this.
    • We were thinking to merge on our system but can well foresee a few issues 🙂  
    • not to any great extent so this shouldn't be a problem but thanks again  
    • Sorry Sandra - Are you planning to merge the branches on THEIR system - or merge and migrate to your server?   The first is as everyone has said above - the latter is potentially a whole new world of complexity - x 10!
    • Just thought, do you/they use Open Attach?
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