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Reminder for those of you that might be on Windows 2012, should upgrade because Microsoft no longer supports it and do not want to be left in the lurch like us; SQL server upgrades are only:
The operating system.  Installation of SQL database. Re-pointing the InfoCentrePlus services on the MLS to your new SQL host. The bespoke contract does NOT include:
Migration of SQL queries. Migration of custom tables. Configuration of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Configuration of users and authentication for reporting purposes. Migration of SSRS RDL front end display files. The following might be slightly garbelled because I don't really know what I am doing here. Most of my experience with SQL is as a programmer, using it and not installing it as a technician.
1) Migration of SQL queries (and table structures)
Right click the InfoCentre(Plus) Database (not the top service with the play icon) and select:
Tasks Generate Scripts ... Choose Objects Select specific database objects Check box only your queries and custom tables. Save scripts to a specific location. Save to file Select a folder location that your new server can access. Drag and drop the script you have created into your new server's SQL manager and run it. 2) Migration of custom table data
Open Powershell (Win-Key + R then type "powershell") Run this command filling in the highlighted details:     -h-1 removes column name headers from the result
    -s ";" sets the column seperator to ; 
Move the file to your new SQL server. Run the following command:  
3) Configuration of SSRS
Use this video for "SSRS configuration 2019" the license key is the same one used for your SQL server installation.
I haven't figured out how to give it a custom URL just yet.
Do not name the Web Service URL the same as the Web Portal URL, it will break SSRS.
To be continued when I have some time ...
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