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  1. Hi all. We currently have 5 users on the system and we have asked for 2 more. However, OGI have said we have 6 users at the moment, as the server is classed as a user, so would be going from 6 to 8 effectively. As usual, OGI have quoted an arm and a leg for this, both for the initial upfront cost and recurring cost. We have declined to proceed on the first figures quoted and have now been given a discount, apparently. It is still extortionate! Any advice, negotiating tactics welcome please. 🙂
  2. Hi We are considering OPP as another payment option for our clients. The costs for implementing this and the re-occurring costs quoted by OGI seem rather high. I would like some feed back please from other users as to whether their customers find this payment method beneficial/easy to use and whether it's worth the extra spend. OGI have supposedly offered 20% discount. Is it worth asking for more? Thanks
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