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Open GI Software Discounts

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See below for the latest details of the discounts negotiated by the Open GI User Group for all User Group members.


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    • Yes - sorry - getting my OCP / ODC /OPM confused OPM allows trigger docs - as long as you dont want to add / review prior 👍
    • Mark it is also available under std OPM, whilst we don't currently use it I have just tested it by sending 3 different letters to the print queue the last one set as trigger doc and this sent all 3 to the printer out of OPM without user intervention  
    • That's using ODC I believe - and suspect poor @Philr either hasn't spent his cash on that - or if he has - hasn't set it up yet  
    • What about trigger docs? if you send a trigger doc after ipid it should print all docs for that client?
    • ... and I think that's a setting in the OpenSuite config file ....