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Uploading files

Sara Noble


I have tried to upload a word document this morning but I don't have permission and I should contact my administrator. Consider yourself contacted.......


I went to the downloads section and clicked on add new document or whatever the button is called. Am I doing something stoopid? :unsure:



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I think it's an ambiguous error message - one that i keep getting 'cus I dont do it right (either!)


Once you have "Browsed" for the file, you have to use the "Attach" button. It should then appear in the window above. Then fill in the details for submission, then hit the "Add Submission" button.


All should then be OK.


NB - Doesn't like .docx files at the minute angry.gif - but maybe a set-up thing


Good luck!

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Mmmmmm - me too re Excel


Possibly a setting buried somewhere - I'll have a look and let you know


Oh - and I've followed my own advice and marked this as a "watched" Forum so I get notifications when something gets posted - I feel a host of questions coming in soon ....

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    • Hi Val - I've not heard this being an issue generally - very strange. OGI will be best to investigate. Would be good to know the outcome!!   Just a thought - is it only the extract / csv with the issue - or does the full printed report still not report these?  
    • Has anyone else come across this problem, we are getting quite a few cases where the renewal is not populating on the list.  OGI have been looking at this from the copy CSV lists we have sent them, but have not resolved this issue yet. 
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    • Partnership deals that are in the interests of Open-GI's profits and not the best infrastructure for their clients. HP - (30% returns from printers to servers when I worked for a HP partner. Haven't been pleasantly surprised with 6 more years of dealing with their hardware). Microsoft - Oh ook another 60 security holes and a zero-day (M$ product zero-days can only be fixed or mitigated by Microsoft) that has been actively exploited for over two months now. Sophos - Tavis Ormandy of Google's top security team, charitably wrote a 30 page paper, which concludes that the company was "working with good intentions" but is "ill-equipped to handle the output of one co-operative security researcher working in his spare time". Recently, they forced through Multi-Factor Authentication for their "cloud" management site (which has a really useless, coutnerintuitve and uninformative interface), that is completely useless in a ransomware take over, you could easily be left without access to your "cloud". They should implement physical keys if they are going to push for this, not software methods that can be taken over as part of an attack. 
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