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Old News But Still PAINFULL!

Mark Sollis



The Renewals Process


Add-ons at Renewal


At renewal you can add new add-ons and/or renew existing add-ons.

On a live policy which has an add-ons frame and a current renewal transaction, you will be able to renew the add-ons by setting the policy Add-Ons field to "Yes" (even though it is already set to “Yes") and selecting the 'Renewal' option. This will be considered renewal processing in Core Back-Office, since the live policy is expected to have been created by a quote engine saving directly to the Core Back-Office rather than creating a prospect policy first.


I know this process years old now - but it still rankles that what was a 1 step process has become a non-intuitive multi-step hassle



      ...... by setting the policy Add-Ons field to "Yes" (even though it is already set to “Yes")


Really?  Set it to "Yes" even though it's set to "Yes" already - wow - that was thought out really well.


Then not forgetting this is AFTER you have created the Renewal transaction ... In old money 


  1. Create transaction and associated charges and add-on (LE)


Now it's


  1. Create the transaction and any charge 
  2. Say "No" to Le if you have it switched in still even though you do want legal ....
  3. Go back and then Update Policy record (if you remember)
  4. Set the "Yes" to a "Yes"
  5. Select the Add-Ons wanted and then abandon them ...  (Exit)
  6. Then Say "Yes" to save


And don't get me started on the AE/AD/AF frame combos and all the additional document / frame / coding that needs to go with it

which-is--really-easy-in-Word-and-Ifs-and-also-Tables-work-well-across-Ifs-dont-they -




Ok - I know it's more complex than that but the main point is - why not just pop the Add-On processing from the transaction create screen?


User Experience not good on this one is it - how on earth do you guys cope?! 


Sign of a poor UX is sign of a rushed job imho - #agileisnotisolation


Rant over - for now

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