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  1. Hi Pete, We use Truckwriter, and it has never prompted us, they just run out !. having said that while we don't do bucket loads of CV business on EDI, majority of our providers have set the number range at 999999. Is it by any chance Aviva that needs them doing ?, as last week we had to "TRY" and update and issue some new Aviva policy numbers (first time for years) and we still are trying to sort it !, the Truckwriter POS software was confused, all messed up, Aviva didnt know how top reset using RMA commands. And agree with Mark, it is not connected with Open Suite, it must just be a coincidence. Happy days.
  2. We are on 5.82 its not giving us any grief. If you e mail or open attach the IPID on ours it takes it out of print manager. My bug bear with it, is you cannot trigger the auto printing of the thing to a real printer, grrrrrrr
  3. Marc, You can't automate the printing of it though, can you ?? We do use OPM, its just that letters come from Tripos and IPIDs sit in OPM.
  4. I am glad there is not just me sat rocking in a corner spitting venom !. I don't believe you can !: grrrrr It is going to cause us no end of extra work, plus you cannot automate the printing of it, for example if you produce a quote letter, you have to reply on the operator to "remember" to print it or e mail it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  5. Its put there for stress purposes !, ???
  6. How many of you personal lines brokers, big or small, find that the level three excess recording details are not very good. The level three CF frame for example that is used in private car, has 2 fields, Vol xs and Comp xs, these have been the same 2 fields that have existed since 1990 when I started using the system. It was fine back in 1990, when all excesses were AD, as there were no Fire and Theft excesses, no malicious damage excesses, no windscreen excesses !. But times change, and the Level 3 has not been developed accordingly. There is of course the QXS frame that comes out of the quote engine and writes back to brooms when you process a policy, but this is not keyworded, and does not change if the policy changes during the year, and it does not exist in APM at all, so that is a complete waste of time. If any of you brokers have EDI EXCESS OVER RIDE, then did you know that when you over ride the excess in EDI , then this excess is not written back to the brooms level 3, it actually records what was originally in the quote engine. All in all in my opinion it is a complete out of date mess. This has been raised at a meeting with OGI, and we URGENTLY NEED YOUR FEEDBACK. Please complete the questions. Thanks
  7. A little "birdie" tells me that this is about to be sorted !!!, in the very near future !!! Watch this space. Weh hey !!!! RESULT
  8. OGI Own Engineers, rate how good you find the service they provide. Please dont include any feedback from any third party companies OGI use , liek who fix PC, s or printers.
  9. Totally agree, having used OGI for 20 yrs, Misys !!, and OGI Engineers are always fantastic at their job, and always go the extra mile. Give em all a pay rise, they deserve it. Will post a poll - Click Here
  10. We are piloting it too, and agree with everything Karl says. If they did phase 2 so it could search like Quick Address Pro it would be really good.
  11. I will mail it too ya mate, will send the blondes too !!, lol. Still need a few lessons on this forum mate, still dont really feel I know wot I am doing !!!

  12. Cheers Phil - got your profile stuff -You need tosend me the pic though -cant grab it from here (include the 3 blondes this time tho)

  13. I cant rant on this one, as we dont use any E Commerce stuff.
  14. Put my profile on, and you can use my mug shot from here 2.

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