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  1. Hi Pete, We use Truckwriter, and it has never prompted us, they just run out !. having said that while we don't do bucket loads of CV business on EDI, majority of our providers have set the number range at 999999. Is it by any chance Aviva that needs them doing ?, as last week we had to "TRY" and update and issue some new Aviva policy numbers (first time for years) and we still are trying to sort it !, the Truckwriter POS software was confused, all messed up, Aviva didnt know how top reset using RMA commands. And agree with Mark, it is not connected with Open Suite, it
  2. We are on 5.82 its not giving us any grief. If you e mail or open attach the IPID on ours it takes it out of print manager. My bug bear with it, is you cannot trigger the auto printing of the thing to a real printer, grrrrrrr
  3. Marc, You can't automate the printing of it though, can you ?? We do use OPM, its just that letters come from Tripos and IPIDs sit in OPM.
  4. I am glad there is not just me sat rocking in a corner spitting venom !. I don't believe you can !: grrrrr It is going to cause us no end of extra work, plus you cannot automate the printing of it, for example if you produce a quote letter, you have to reply on the operator to "remember" to print it or e mail it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  5. Its put there for stress purposes !, ???
  6. I will mail it too ya mate, will send the blondes too !!, lol. Still need a few lessons on this forum mate, still dont really feel I know wot I am doing !!!

  7. Cheers Phil - got your profile stuff -You need tosend me the pic though -cant grab it from here (include the 3 blondes this time tho)

  8. Put my profile on, and you can use my mug shot from here 2.

  9. I was going to start listing under software feedback, all the software so people could vote out of ten how good it is, then when we get members onto teh forum they will see more content !, wot u think ?

  10. 3 yrs old that pic, dont I look young !!, lol, the 3 blonde babes I had with me in Dubai at teh time are just out of camera shot !!, lol

    I wish !!

  11. Nice mug shot Rambo! You look like you should be in MI5. You're not wanting to quiz me about my clients who are of North African descent are you?! x


    Nice one - cant wait till next year then

  13. about a dozen !!!!, lol

  14. You're fine - you just feel for an "April Fool"!

    (logo not ready yet - so how many times did you log out and back in again?) :)

  15. It dunt show !!, and its my fault !!, lol.

    I need some lessons on how to use this forum mate !!

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