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Different keywords for each




WHY !!!    Ok well I understand why from a computer technical point of view.


However from a user point of view it is a right pain in the err document maintenance !!!


OpenGI could if they wanted make it so letters would work from either brooks or APM to save us poor users much headache



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If you use OpenWord then you do have the opportunity to use one keyword whether you are in BROOMS or APM (with the exception of level 1 and 2).


In BROOMS, if you create a separate document for BROOMS and APM then here's what you can do to quickly amend all BROOMS keywords to an APM style.


1) Copy your brooms document to a new document

2) ESC Q, File, Mode

3) ESC Q Replace

    Now replace all < with <p. but say Yes to query so that the replace function stops at each field and allows you to bypass it

    Now replace all [ with [p. but say Yes to query so that the replace function stops at each field and allows you to bypass it

    Subject to your document complexity you could now;

    ESC Q, Text Find

    Look for each "FOREACH" command and replace (for example) FOREACH CF with FOREACH p.CF

    Look for each "SELECT" command and replace (for example) SELECT CF with SELECT p.CF


This technique is really great if you have just spent hours (days!) creating a complex proposal form or similar but be very careful the first few times you try it.




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Adding to that idea above, when you've created your templates in OpenWord, rather than creating them both in BROOMS for the end user to choose which one to use, try this...


Create a template with a simple name, like "Proposal" for example and then use keywords to redirect OpenWord to your new templates.


Basically, you could (as I have on my system) have multiple proposal forms, for various products and Insurers but just have a single letter from the end users, namely "Proposal Form" or "Proposal" in OpenWord.


By using a template which links other documents into it, you can reduce the choices for end users while maintaining complete control over what is actually generated.


Use IF commands with "NULL" or "NOTNULL" for the APM/BROOMS issue and it'll work with whatever Keywords you choose (Insurer/Policy Type etc are the most obvious).

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