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We are considering OPP as another payment option for our clients.  The costs for implementing this and the re-occurring costs  quoted by OGI seem rather high.  I would like some feed back please from other users as to whether their customers find this payment method beneficial/easy to use and whether it's worth the extra spend.  OGI have supposedly offered 20% discount.  Is it worth asking for more?  Thanks

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Hi Vanessa - Tricky one to answer on price alone - other than "there is always a discount to be negotiated"!



With OPP - there is a base cost incurred for hosting the systems - and this is primarily on storage costs. So just make sure the budget overall is realistic and look long term - based on the volume of documents expected to be uploaded over say, 3-4 yrs. No point getting to Yr 2 and finding costs are spiral-ing beyond your budget and there is no choice but to continue the spend process



I would also recommend you get 3 or 4 reference sites - preferably ones that have RECENTLY implemented OPP. I say "recently" because you also need to know how smooth the implementation was and, what obstacles / issues were encountered (if any ? :blink:) Often the pain is in the set-up and you want to know you will be supported through that process - not just "trained"



ROI - Return on investment is subjective and only your business can answer whether your customers "expect" a portal. Sales-speak is of course they do - but look at how many email addresses you have today and what your customer profile is. Do they actually DEMAND a portal solution - or is just moving to emailing of documents a better first step?!


Hope the above helps - and happy to have a chat on how this can work for you and / or the alternatives - #itswhatido :)


Enjoy the ride



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