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Mark Sollis


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I have noticed some little ‘annoyances’ recently with the forum. When I go into a specific forum it is set to sort the posts into some kind of ‘custom’ order when all I want to see is the latest posts so have to click on the ‘Recently Updated’ tab to get this.


Also I am not sure if this is a cache problem on my laptop (sorry not a techie) but I am now often seeing the last thread updated within forums on the main page as not showing the latest update/poster but rather an earlier one.

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Hello Karl


Yes - a few annoyances definately! Obviously following the upgrade things are a bit different and I've been trying to get to the bottom of this one for a few weeks now. Even if you "save" custome settings - this seems to be Forum specific so not sure if that's the only answer.


There are some "Good" things as well - so usual swings and roundabouts - but defo on my "to-do" list.


I'll post back here with any updates, let me know if you find anything else



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Well - I've spent a little time indulging my passion for trying to "fix everything" and seem to have made some progress


1) - Ordering

The Forum topic ordering is now consistent and should order Topics by last post made (excl. How to Use The Forum) This keeps the "new stuff" on top for all main Forums and Topics. Not sure if this is now back to "how it was" - maybe Karl can come back and let me know if it seems better now?


2) - Fonts

Fonts are still fun - maybe problems with the mobile app version. If anyone spots a connection SHOUT ME!


3) - New Items

The new button "View New Content" presents a list of Forum areas with new content. This maybe different now but does show all posts / replies etc with lots more options as well. You can view new items by content type (Member, Topic etc), by date range, or by other (participated Topics etc) all of which is pretty cool !



Hopefully the above helps - any more feedback please post away

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    • Hi Val - I've not heard this being an issue generally - very strange. OGI will be best to investigate. Would be good to know the outcome!!   Just a thought - is it only the extract / csv with the issue - or does the full printed report still not report these?  
    • Has anyone else come across this problem, we are getting quite a few cases where the renewal is not populating on the list.  OGI have been looking at this from the copy CSV lists we have sent them, but have not resolved this issue yet. 
    • Open GI Sanction Check Update!   Function shortfall now on the #OpenGI radar - watch this space! 
    • Partnership deals that are in the interests of Open-GI's profits and not the best infrastructure for their clients. HP - (30% returns from printers to servers when I worked for a HP partner. Haven't been pleasantly surprised with 6 more years of dealing with their hardware). Microsoft - Oh ook another 60 security holes and a zero-day (M$ product zero-days can only be fixed or mitigated by Microsoft) that has been actively exploited for over two months now. Sophos - Tavis Ormandy of Google's top security team, charitably wrote a 30 page paper, which concludes that the company was "working with good intentions" but is "ill-equipped to handle the output of one co-operative security researcher working in his spare time". Recently, they forced through Multi-Factor Authentication for their "cloud" management site (which has a really useless, coutnerintuitve and uninformative interface), that is completely useless in a ransomware take over, you could easily be left without access to your "cloud". They should implement physical keys if they are going to push for this, not software methods that can be taken over as part of an attack. 
    • The real question for Open GI is why is only 1 browser supported?   Why do you think that is?   10 points for each correct answer …
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