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    ... and I think that's a setting in the OpenSuite config file ....
  2. Mark Sollis


    @Philr may be able to help - he is the User Group IPID man!
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    Also - once confirmed and tested, make sure you can access the service outside of your local network If it cant be connected likely it is a firewall / port issue that you will need your IT / Infrastructure team to allow access to That can be a little painful too ... M
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    Hi Emily - that's a great use for XStream and there are lots of posts here in the Forum covering a range of areas on XStream use Given where you are in the XStream process right now I'd suggest a couple of important steps ... 1 - Ask OGI support to confirm that the XStream service is still configured correctly and proven as working You can waste hours, days and weeks trying to connect to the service and still have issues because it's no longer set up correctly or your infrastructure has changed. Get them to test it and to prove it and make sure you have the access details as well (IP and Port numbers etc) 2 - Use a tool like SOAPUI This will allow you to test the processes outside of the web page and confirm the XStream service is working as expected Step 1 is a must Happy to assist further if I can! Mark www.OneFiftyPercent.com
  5. Mark Sollis

    Mobius and Cloud

    Great points made - and welcome to the Forum! I’ve done a few loops round many a boardroom table on the cloud vs local debate. As you rightly point out - you can have as much redundancy as you want in the Datacentre - but what about accessing it in the first place? As you mention, if you only have 1 firewall / switch / leased line / then there’s a point of failure inbuilt. Just because it’s “cloud” doesn’t mean to say it’s “Safe” And let’s just overlook the whole local and remote SLAs to go with any architecture. M OneFiftyPercent.com
  6. "Option 72 APM Prospect Control" - what a load of b$@#>^&* Tell me you know someone who has used this - and why?
  7. Mark Sollis

    Issue with Open Attach

    Hi Debra I've not come across any corruption issues before - so can't give any specific answers. This sort of thing may happen for lots of reasons - none of which easy to pin down:- security settings / version differences (OpenAttach / Scan software / PC Windows or Operating system Vs / Adobe / Java etc etc). You really need to be able to pin down when / for whom this happens - as I suspect it will be not across all machines all the time and get to the problem once you know where it is. Tricky indeed ... You don't mention "how" the PDF gets to OpenAttach - is it copied / dragged / Imported as all may have an impact. Also - would be good to know "when" it gets corrupted. That means everyone checking post allocation that you can read it - which is painful I know - but it may be corrupted BEFORE it even hits OpeanAttach - all part of the investigation process I'm afraid. OpenAttach has never been the fastest tool to retrieve documents - but should be usable. Areas to look at here are the file sizes being generated by your scan stations (any more than a few hundred k will be an issue and a waste of space. Secondly folder sizes and volume of documents. OA has to read the whole directory before displaying the list - and that can take time with a few hundred in a folder. Finally - it may just come down to the OA server set-up. (i) Are they stored on the OGI server or a dedicated Windows server (ii) if the latter - is it a DEDICATED server - or is it doing other things as well (iii) is the server physically located in your office - or remote? Intermittent problems are always hard to track down the root cause - but the speed may be more easily investigated as above If all else fails - it's back to OGI I'm afraid - they should spot the issues ...... eventually 🙊 Meanwhile - let me know any more info around the above and happy to help further if I can M
  8. Mark Sollis

    Data Protection Act 2018

    Hi Lisa - thanks for the question Looks like this has not gained much response !! Always a tricky area I'm no compliance advisor - so you will need to take better advice. However as a minimum (DPA or GDPR ) you have to prove you have a lawful basis - and that you have a process for those wishing to opt out - even if there are consequences given you are holding their Insurance And when you are no longer holding their (current) policy - then what? What is your documented process for removal of their data you no longer "need"? How can they access it? How can they port it elsewhere? Maybe someone can give a more lucid / generic answer from the coalface - but you really need to take good advice from a good source. Are you a network member and / or do you have a compliance point of reference (other than ICO)?
  9. Mark Sollis

    GDPR - Consent Data Capture

    Nice one Karl - Just how a good solution should be built!! Shame GETREPLY and INPUT screens are not part of core calcs though 😩 Thanks for sharing
  10. Mark Sollis

    BIBA 2018

  11. Mark Sollis

    GDPR - Consent Data Capture

    Hi Carol - First off - well done for creating the frame !! As for the Database report - there are a Three Top Tips .... Use BL1.Module - to search for "Clients" with that frame type Prefix the Profile (Fact Find) frame keywords with "F." on the report (so [XX.Line01] becomes [F.XX.Line01] Have a look at the on-line guide which explains in more detail Hope that helps - let me know if you need some more info - but I'm sure you'll be off and running now Mark
  12. Mark Sollis

    GDPR - Consent Data Capture

    Thanks to @traceyfiltnessfor putting this together - you should do some more! 😏
  13. Mark Sollis

    Print Manager Print Time

    Hi Mike - you are correct in that OpenWord takes longer to generate and print - as you say - a trade off for a "more friendly" way of setting up template documents Not much you can do to reduce the time taken - so perhaps need to get creative with the dead time between "request" and "print" GDPR reading anyone ....?
  14. Mark Sollis

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    Hi - there's no automated way to do this - unless you have additional software from OGI already installed. Given you have to complete the detail following contact and consent discussions with each customer, there is little point in adding it globally anyway as it still needs to be updated case by case - at a given touch-point. Better to build the "adding and completion" of this frame into your MTA / Renewal processes and track update and completion via reporting methods from the system to ensure you are on target. If this is a "valuable" exercise for your business and you want to promote completion of your "consent" data frame, then why not have a monthly award / voucher based on percentage of data completed per agent / operator? Either way - likely this will take 12 months to capture all the detail - unless you are planning a big bang mass marketing / contact / telesales campaign to every customer you have - as long as they have consented to such contact in the first place .... see ICO Fines here for current practice - pre GDPR Hope that helps!
  15. Mark Sollis

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    OK - Have a look at Options 83 and 85 in Prospect Control. Again some options - particularly when you get to the live record - but you should be able to set this up to work as you need.
  16. Mark Sollis

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    Hi Stuart - then you will want to use either Option 13 or Option 17 in the Prospect Control set-up on the Prospect menu where you can set the screen to appear. Not sure that's the best workflow - as this just saves the preference detail as part of the risk - when you may really want to save client preferences as part of the client detail screens. There are other options too, if you have Toolkit solutions but hope the above helps!
  17. Mark Sollis

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    Hi Stuart - this depends on what your workflow currently is and, where you want this to be in the workflow - i.e. before quote / after quote / on first contact etc. As always (good thing!) OGI have lots of options (bad thing?). Happy to have a call if it will help.
  18. Mark Sollis

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    Hi Karl - yep it's pretty straight forward as you say. There's also lots more to do though - even once you have the £2.3k "frame". Speaking with a few brokers, they are looking for ease of data entry, methods to track uptake, best workflow practice, report output and data refresh cycle management. I know there is some info from OGI - and every broker needs to qualify exactly what they are getting for their money. As always - it's best to see it with their own eyes and ask the right questions for their own business so they can make an informed choice - to either Take up the offer - because it gives them everything they need at an acceptable TCO Build it themselves and try to understand all the peripheral changes required to make it work or Save 87% of the OGI price and go elsewhere using expert advice and delivery of a full solution The User Group can also assist - although ultimately it would be a self build. A lot of brokers will be happy with that option too
  19. Mark Sollis

    OGI Consent Frame Costs

    Hi Andy. No - I believe as always its negotiable. So you can spend 2 man days over the next few weeks / months discussing and making a case - and then OGI will go through their internal sign off process and numerous signatories for a couple of weeks. Then with luck you can probably get it with a discount. Go for it and let us know the "price for today" deal. Option 2 is you can build the frame yourself if you have the skills and time and knowledge - which I know you do! Option 3 - you can get the same functionality delivered for about 87% of the 3yr TCO list price + consent reports + consent documentation + workflow set-up for capture + cross check code to keep data in line - if you know the right people.... It is what it is - and there is a cost to any delivery. Supply and demand wins as always - and I'm sure there will be a level of demand at £2,280 (3yr TCO) from OGI. For the other 90% of the user base, maybe they could start with the User Group Click for more details on GDPR Consent Tracking in OGI - Limited availability!
  20. Mark Sollis

    Auto update Level 1 Address detail

    Hi Darren - yes - it's all a bit cloudy re the EDI Renewals processing. Some would even say it's an outrage to update "your" client data which is nothing to do with the EDI record. I'm pretty sure there will be an option somewhere - Get it logged anyway for reference - and hopefully meanwhile see if anyone else here can offer practical advice from the actual EDI userbase. Would be good to share the options if there are any
  21. Mark Sollis

    Auto update Level 1 Address detail

    Hi Darren There is a setting in BrokerLink to control how you update the Client record detail following an MTA - not sure on Rnls though .... Check the On-Line-Guides link here and look for "Update Level 1 at MTA" - I believe it's a "global" setting - so all or nothing I'm afraid ..... Don't use EDI in anger generally - so happy to be corrected - but the above may give you some inspiration / options Hope this helps!
  22. Mark Sollis

    Drag and Drop from Open Attach

    Hi Hazel - hope you are well I can't check in full right now - so perhaps someone else can provide a better answer - however .... I do know that if you re-print the document to OPM (as you mentioned) then you are able to "copy" the file and paste to any application. You don't have to "construct" an email from there - just highlight the file, click copy and then it's ready to paste in to a new email. There are more elegant solutions using additional tools from OGI - but the above should work fine Hope this helps!
  23. Mark Sollis

    Keywords into Email

    Hi Lesley - hope you are well Have you tried using the BLT alternatives? Always tricky on which should be used (BTX/BLT) - and depends on when / where the letter (mail) request is initiated. But if it's OK in a letter - it should be OK in the mail - you would like to think ... The on-line guides confusingly use both types in the examples - but I cant find the recommended options / reasons / guidelines which are documented in there somewhere! Try BLT options but if not, come back and I'll have another look on the systems and get you a definitive answer - if I can Otherwise Marc PB - the maestro of OpenWord - may need to jump in Let me now Thanks
  24. Mark Sollis

    data transfer between branches

    Hi Bryan - have called the office a couple of times to talk though and dropped an email across earlier as it's a little complex in black and white However and in brief, you can move client policy data to another branch "via APM" but is somewhat dependent on (i) what you want to move (see previous post) and (ii) what software you have installed (APM Prospect and / or APM Prospect Professional) If you have APM Pro - then the settings in Prospect Control to consider are 18 - Allows Save Across Branches 27 - Search Across Branches 35 - Prospect to Prospect Transfer (probably not relevant to this solution) 36 - Default Branch for 35 - (again, probably not relevant to this solution) 39 - Showing Live cases in searches In Back Office (Core) you also need to use Broker Maintenance option Other 3 - Include in Searches from Other Branches Once the above is done, you can "pull" the existing branch record into the target Branch as an APM record and then Save to that branch as a new Live record. Best method to use for the "pull" is via a free form search on the postcode - all others aren't as fast or as complete (an OGI Bugg-ette if you try and use reference or name etc - as I've painfully uncovered ....). This method is useful if you are restricting / securing access to the main branch Alternatively, you can load the data into the "current" branch APM from the live Policy record (Prospect / Load) - and do the "Make Live" / "Transfer" from APM and save it to the correct branch Either way, there are still limitations on amount of data, there is some set-up to complete and there are some significant considerations - all depending on the actual reasons "why" you want to move the record. Hopefully the above will help, but if you need any further clarification, you have my number and happy to have a call Thanks M
  25. Mark Sollis

    data transfer between branches

    Hi Bryan - of course!! Apologies - there are a couple of answers that are applicable - and I was trying to formulate a coherent response. The "day job" has stalled my response .... Let me complete tomorrow and I'll post up the options here. But of course - there are more questions than answers .. Meanwhile - can you confirm (i) whether you use APM - prospect manager? Also - (ii) what data MUST you transfer as a minimum - i.e. Client Policy Risk Diary ClaimsWriter detail PolicyNumbers Insurer OpenAttach documents Transactions EDI records Or simply - is it just the Client / Policy and Risk pages? Let me know - but will be back to you here tomorrow (Thursday)! M